Axulus Reply wins the Fraport “Digital Factory Award”

13 May 2024

Axulus Reply has been awarded the "Digital Factory Award" by Fraport AG. The award recognises companies that have made a significant contribution to the early identification of innovations in the market and have paved the way for convincing solutions at Fraport AG.

The award was initiated by the Digital Factory, a virtual organisational unit made up of digitalisation and technology specialists at Fraport AG, with the goal of increasing the level of digital maturity in the Group and driving digital transformation along the customer process. In a three-month project phase, a Fraport project team develops a solution for a specific task in the form of an operational minimum viable product (MVP).

Axulus Reply received the award because it has implemented several successful projects for Fraport AG across specialised areas. The Digital Factory jointly tested the MVP developed by Axulus Reply and handed it over to the relevant departments for a large-scale rollout. The projects implemented range from alarm visualisation for the airport fire brigade, object recognition of transport units on the apron, to a computer vision-based solution for monitoring critical exits in the security area with corresponding alarm output in the event of suspicious behaviour.

Fraport and Axulus Reply have been working together for several years, using artificial intelligence (AI), in particular computer vision and cloud solutions, to optimise airport operations.

"It is the combination of strong partnerships, long-standing commitment and the constant pursuit of innovation that makes our digital transformation at Fraport successful. Axulus Reply winning the first Digital Factory Award is in recognition of our collaboration from day one, and them bringingtheir own ideas and vision to open up new markets together," said Claus Grunow, Head of Group Strategy and Digitalisation at Fraport AG.

Lorenz Kappel, Associate Partner at Axulus Reply, added: "We are very honoured and grateful for the recognition of our activities by Fraport's 'Digital Factory Award'. This award underlines our leading role in the development and implementation of digital AI industry solutions and motivates us enormously. It reinforces our commitment to actively shape the future through bold and groundbreaking solutions in close collaboration with Fraport.

Axulus Reply is a leading Reply company in the field of AI and digital industrial solutions. Axulus Reply's engineering platform accelerates IIoT projects through a template-based approach and supports various use cases to drive digital innovation, from machine builders to airports, the automotive industry, as well as complex infrastructures and processes.

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. As a network of highly specialised companies, Reply defines and develops business models enabled by the new models of AI, big data, cloud computing, digital media and the internet of things. Reply delivers consulting, system integration and digital services to organisations across the telecom and media; industry and services; banking and insurance; and public sectors. 

Axulus Reply
Axulus Reply is the Reply Group company focused on providing innovative technology-based solutions based on Industrie 4.0 and IIOT to quickly generate sustainable added value for customers across complex supply and value chains. Axulus Reply specialises in the entire value chain of Engineering Manufacturing/IoT and Supply Chain Execution (SCE). The company focuses on scalable, modular Industrie 4.0 solutions and helps its customers achieve maximum efficiency through comprehensive consulting and technologies. 

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