Webinar: AWS + Flink: Enrich and Dispatch Streaming Data

Webinar: AWS + Flink: Enrich and Dispatch Streaming Data

2 July 2020

Fully Digital

In this IoT Webinar series, experts explain how to use AWS services at the edge to unlock data and send it to the cloud for further processing is explained in this IoT Webinar series offered by AWS.

Attend Storm Reply's webinar on 2 July 2020, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. CEST, and get an overview of an existing implementation that takes thousands of messages per second in the cloud, enriches them, applies user-defined rules, and sends the data to multiple destinations with less than one second latency. How Reply uses Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Kinesis Data Analytics capabilities to implement a fully serverless complex event processor in Cloud able to sustain high message rate and fully integrated with the customer’s ecosystem.

Speaker: Nicolas Corpancho Villasana, Cloud Solution Architect bei Storm Reply

You can find more information about the webinar series and registration here.

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