20-22 June 2023
Westin Grand Munich

Net Reply is present at the 2023 edition of SUSECON, the annual conference open to SUSE customers, partners, and enthusiasts. During these three days, participants will have the opportunity to discover new innovative solutions based on open-source software, with a particular focus on Linux, Kubernetes, and Edge Computing.

During the event, Net Reply experts will be present to showcase a use case on a new Edge Computing platform. This platform is built on the concepts of portability, multi-connectivity, and flexibility. In fact, going beyond the notions of "near edge" and "far edge," the BoxNet can be easily transported to create temporary networks to support various application scenarios, such as IoT. The flexibility is dictated by the virtualization environment it provides, capable of simultaneously accommodating both full-stack virtualization (virtual machine) and cloud-native (Kubernetes), surpassing the integration aspects between the two environments.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit SUSECON 2023.

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