5G: take it to the Edge

STUDENT TECH CLASH - The international idea generation challenge

13th November 2021, Polytechnic of Turin vs Polytechnic of Milan

22nd - 23rd January 2022, Cambridge @HackCambridge

Student Tech Clash is back!

The Reply Student Tech Clash is the international students’ idea generation event organised by Reply and dedicated to all students coming from the best universities. After the pandemic, the Student Tech Clash is finally back.

In one day students brought to life fresh and creative ideas on how to use 5G and Edge Computer in Smart Cities , emphasizing the technical and market’s needs. Students worked in teams and were supported by a group of Reply experts.

5G & Edge Computing

How will you use 5G and Edge Computing to enable future innovation?

5G and Edge Computing are the answer to the Internet of Everything society; a society of smart and autonomous objects, universal, instant, and reliable connectivity. Together, these advanced capabilities will transform numerous industries and completely revolutionise others.


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