Speed up your gen AI journey with Google Cloud

31 January 2024


Meet with Google Cloud and Partner Experts and learn more about the newest generative AI trends and topics. Dive deeper with Google Cloud experts into real-life examples tailored to your preferred industry and see how generative AI can transform your business and unlock a new era of innovation. 

In addition to presentations on Generative AI, which showcase what you can already do with Google's technology, present business cases, and highlight the bold but responsible use of the new technology, there is the opportunity to take part in Gen AI Discovery Workshops in the afternoon. The experts from Go Reply explore how Google's Gen AI can revolutionize pharma and life sciences in the Industry Breakout Pharma.

3:15-5:45 p.m., Industry Breakout Pharma with Go Reply 
Revolutionizing Pharma and Life Sciences with Google's Gen AI 


Register here today to save your seat in Go Reply’s Breakout Session. 

If you want to know more or would like to arrange a personal meet, please write us here.

Go Reply, part of the Reply Group, is a Google Cloud Premier Partner providing services in the following areas: cloud strategy and migration, cloud hosting, big data, machine learning, PCI/ISO compliance and security management, productivity services and fully managed 24 x 7 services to support your business-critical applications.

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