Reply at Boston Dynamic’s User Conference Actuate

Boston Dynamic's Actuate 2020

20. October 2020 


Reply will be present at Boston Dynamic’s first User Conference Actuate taking place virtually from October 20th from 11:15am to 2:30pm EDT. 

Reply is among the first Boston Dynamics Integration Partners worldwide, determined to support businesses benefit from advanced mobile robotics. With the help of Reply, SPOT can be configured flexibly according to customer specific requirements.

Spot’s early adopters have had robots in hand and on-site for a few months now, and we’re seeing an early adopter community come together to build solutions on the platform”, said Boston Dynamics VP of Business Development Michael Perry. “There’s no better way to facilitate getting customers the tools they need to create exciting new applications for the robot than connecting the already vibrant and creative community already leveraging Spot.

The annual event will bring together the global ecosystem of Spot sensor providers, software developers, and end-users for two days of industry presentations, hands-on workshops, and networking geared towards putting Spot to work on sites around the world.

Actuate 2020 will be invite-only for existing ecosystem members.

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