Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing

18 December 2018
Casalecchio di Reno (BO)

Data Reply takes part in the "Quantum Computing and High Performance Computing" workshop organized by Cineca, a non-profit consortium made up of 70 Italian universities, 5 Italian research institutes and the Italian Ministry of Education.

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together people who come from different Italian universities and research institutes, as well as from technology companies, active and interested in Quantum Computing as a prospect for the near future for High Performance Computing.

In particular, Davide Caputo of Data Reply intervenes in the afternoon with a speech entitled "QUBO formulation for the planning of the job shop", which will deal with the problem of resource allocation, the so-called Job Shop Problem (JSP), which can be formulated as QUBO (Unbound constrained binary optimization) and solved with annealing techniques.

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