OOP 2023 with Data Reply

03 to 05 July 2023

Westin Grand Munich

From 03 to 05 July 2023, the summer edition of OOP 2023 takes place at the Westin Grand Munich . On three conference days, participants can expect over 50 talks and interactive session around modern software architecture, from best practices and patterns to software engineering techniques, leadership, and innovation.

Meet the experts from Data Reply at the Confluent booth onsite and learn how you can empower your business with data-driven transformation: 

Find out more about the following topics at the Data Reply stand:
- Unlocking potential: Developing state-of-the-art data solutions
- Seamless integration: data platform, cloud infrastructure and real-time applications
- From insights to action: ML Engineering and MLOps for sustainable success

03 July 2023, 02:30 – 03:15 p.m.,
Track: Confluent @OOP, Mo 6.3
“Accelerating Quality Assurance through Machine Learning: Data Reply's Data-in-Motion Accelerators”
What are the latest MLOPs strategies and how can you approach application-deployment to production in the manufacturing sector using different cloud native technologies. These are the questions that Darren Smyth and Marwan Fahmi of Data Reply explore in their presentation, showing how the infrastructure, model, and code lifecycle templates constructed by Data Reply reduce the risk, the uncertainty, and the time needed to take a Quality Assurance application to production, allowing manufacturers to unlock the substantial benefits that these machine learning applications can offer.

Darren Smyth, Data Reply
Marwan Fahmi, Data Reply

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More information on OOP and ticketing you can check out here: https://www.oop-konferenz.de/oop-2023-muenchen

As part of the Reply group, Data Reply offers a wide range of services that support customers in becoming data driven. We operate in various industries and business areas and work intensively with our customers so that they can achieve meaningful results through the effective use of data. Data Reply offers many years of experience in transformation projects to achieve “data-driven companies”. We focus on the development of data platforms, machine learning solutions and streaming applications - automated, efficient, and scalable - without making any compromises in IT security.

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