Creatio's No-Code Days 2023

Light Reply will be a Gold Sponsor at Creatio’s No-Code Days 2023 in Miami/Fort Lauderdale on May 4th through May 5th. 

No Code Days is a 2-day deep dive conference for digital and IT leaders on the future of no-code, workflow automation and customer engagement. 

At the event, Light Reply will focus on how to support companies with business and IT solutions based on no-code platforms. In a matter of weeks Light Reply can help set up a new system to support any business process. With our help, the supplied solution can be maintained and enhanced without the assistance of developers. 

Gianluca Di Stefano, Marco Vianello, and Alessia Kuhlow will be among the speakers, highlighting:

  • The rise of citizen development,
  • Breaking cross-industry barriers on digital transformation and automation challenges
  • Views on a connected world and distributed teams

For customers across industries, this event will be a great opportunity to: 

  • Join the training on the No-Code Playbook Framework and get certified 
  • Get educated at world-class sessions on digital trends, no-code, and the future of business automation 
  • Connect, network and exchange knowledge with the Creatio community 
  • See Creatio’s products in action to evaluate a fit for your business 

 Want to meet with one of Light Reply's experts?  Arrange a consultation HERE.

Light Reply, a high-tech high-growth company in the Reply network, supports energy and utilities companies by offering business and IT solutions based on enterprise-level application platforms. By partnering with the best of breed and exploring the most innovative solutions on the market, Light Reply fills the gap between business and IT needs leveraging also on low-code technologies.

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