Digital Assets & Metaverse: the new supply chains of digital finance

An event to illustrate the evolution of blockchain/DLT-based financial supply chains.

Towards new digital models

The regulatory scenario governing digital assets has been enhanced, thanks to the approval of the digital finance package at the European level. The European Central Bank continues to work on the introduction of a digital Euro that could stand alongside other digital currencies. More experimental system initiatives have been launched in Italy, in a structured way and with the required vital contributions from the regulators.

The turbulent period in the Crypto world has also reinforced the importance of regulation within this sector. Investments in the Metaverse and Web3 have also had a significant impact on the spread of other forms of digital assets, involving other industries and creating new digital spaces, such as fashion and art.

How can financial institutions respond to new customer needs, what products and services can be offered, and what risks and opportunities need to be assessed?

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