Data in Motion Tour 2023

12 October, 2023


On 12 October Confluent’s Data in Motion Tour 2023 makes a stop in Frankfurt. The year’s motto is “Reinventing Kafka in the Data Streaming Era”. The full day event offers the opportunity to network with peers and ecosystem partners, listen to talks about customer use cases and learn from interactive demonstrations and hands-on labs.

Meet the experts from Data Reply onsite at their booth and learn how you can leverage your data assets and how you can gain competitive advantage with cutting edge technologies.

In their talk “Overcoming performance limitations with data in motion“, Alex Piermatteo, Associate Partner of Data Reply, will show the successful DWH Migration of an Austrian fintech company that turned into a data in motion revolution:

12 October 2023, 5:00 – 5:30 p.m., Room B
“Overcoming performance limitations with data in motion”

It all started with a challenging DWH migration to Snowflake that turned into a data in motion revolution. In this presentation, Alex Piermatteo shows how Data Reply helped an Austrian fintech customer overcome previous performance limitations in their data analytics landscape, leverage real-time pipelines, break down monoliths and foster a self-service data culture to enable new event-driven and business-critical use cases. He also talks about how to properly define processes around governance, self-service data consumption capabilities and lineage, which are currently the biggest challenges when it comes to data analytics at scale.

Alex Piermatteo, Associate Partner, Data Reply

Meet the Data Reply Experts at the Data in Motion Tour (DiMT) and make your appointment here.
More information on the DiMT and ticketing you can check out here: https://events.confluent.io/datainmotiontour2023frankfurt

As part of the Reply group, Data Reply offers a wide range of services that support customers in becoming data driven. We operate in various industries and business areas and work intensively with our customers so that they can achieve meaningful results through the effective use of data. Data Reply offers many years of experience in transformation projects to achieve “data-driven companies”. We focus on the development of data platforms, machine learning solutions and streaming applications - automated, efficient, and scalable - without making any compromises in IT security.


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