Reply Creative Challenge 2022


27-29 May 2022 | Online
6 July 2022 | Final Round in Milan

The Challenge

Digitalisation and the increasingly pervasive dissemination of social media contributes to the significance of Digital Experience in companies' communication strategies.

The challenge takes place from May 27th to 29th; during which each team will have 48 hours to read the brief and send their creative proposal.

The task is to develop a creative concept for social, video, branding, customer experience and employer branding areas. Height finalist teams, one for each category, will be selected by an expert panel and present their project during Reply Xchange 2022 (Milan, July 6th), prior to the announcement of the winning team.


Get the chance to travel to Milan and present your idea in front of a jury of experts!

The winning team will get a Macbook Pro and a Wacom tablet for each member

8 categories

In collaboration with international brands

The creative teams of Reply's agencies - Avvio Reply, Bitmama Reply, Open Reply, Triplesense Reply and Xister Reply - have laid down the challenge in collaboration with their partners, including ABB, Fonzies, Heinemann Duty Free, Lavazza, MAC, RedBull, Richemont, UniCredit.

Brand Activation

In collaboration with Fonzies

Brand activation is about developing the next Fonzies plans to fuel the brand with new ideas, being relevant to our targets and leveraging on main interests such as football, gaming, or music. This is the opportunity to create an activation/campaign and think about creative ideas for cross-media channels.

Brand Experience

In collaboration with Lavazza

Brand Experience is about interacting and creating a meaningful bond with the target audience. It is a whole dimension that combines both elements of user experience and brand identity, in order to make the brand relevant and memorable to the customers.

Culture & Employee Engagement

In collaboration with Richemont

Culture and Employee Engagement is about creating meaningful connections between the brand to its employee’s with an aim of creating stronger relationships, trust and happier people. There is no ‘silver bullet’ when it comes to engaging employees – each company is unique in what they do and how they approach the world of work so getting into the shoes of the audience is really important to landing authentic messages and getting people’s attention. How you communicate and support your people leads to a better company culture so these two often go hand in hand.

Customer Experience

In collaboration with Heinemann Duty Free

Inspiration and impulse-driven experience design is about rethinking digital services, having a holistic view on the customer journey and touchpoints and creating an innovative, unique and truly valuable experience offer.

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement

In collaboration with Unicredit

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement by Unicredit is about giving life and putting in place a new customer strategy, named CX Program. CX Program so called strategy finds its roots in a platform that lets UniCredit customers experience multiple and different point of contacts with the bank. Those capabilities in the workplace contribute to both EX, enabling employees to engage and serve customers via multiple channels - such as web, mobile, device, and more - and CX, allowing customers to experience a new way for getting in touch with the bank, thanks to the new activation process.

In-Store Experience

In collaboration with ABB

The in-store experience is about engaging people and building connections. It conveys brand values through meaningful actions in store, in order to raise awareness around the brand and motivate customers to purchase. It is a strategy that activates the brand.

Local Activation

In collaboration with Red Bull

Local Activation is about engaging the target audience and building a positive perception of the brand on a local level. In this case, it aims to bring attention to 64Bars Live in Naples, in order to enhance Red Bull’s positioning in the music scenario and to give value to the host community.


In collaboration with Mac

Creativity is limitless in the Metaverse, so, by joining this category, you can unleash your potential and propose the most insightful, engaging and innovative brand experiences.

Creative Challenge 2022

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