Reply Autonomous Days 2021

Autonomous vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. The Reply Autonomous Days 2021 take a deep dive into different fields and implementation possibilites of such autonomous systems.

May 18 - May 19, 2021

Autonomous Technology

Autonomous vehicles such as cars, drones, robots and many more are becoming increasingly popular. They can be used in many different fields for daily or advanced and potentially dangerous tasks previously performed by humans. Fully free navigating vehicles are not wired and use a series of different sensory systems. This means they can give huge flexibility to industries across the board.

The new autonomy of things is the direct result of technological advances in various fields such as AI and Edge-to-Cloud Computing. Thanks to computer vision, object and pattern recognition autonomous vehicles are able to find their path while constantly collecting data with equipped sensors in any form, from cameras to microphones, GPS, thermometers, moisture sensors, gas or radiation detectors. Wireless connectivity with an intelligent system architecture and Cloud-Edge Computing allows for the leveraging of collected data with AI & Machine Learning algorithms, enabling the device to take its own decisions on how to best perform a specific task.

The value chain of data

Join the Reply Autonomous Days and be invited to take a look along the data value chain. Together we will explore, which topics need to be considered when developing autonomous systems.

Let's dive into the different areas and implementation possibilities of autonomous systems during the two Autonomous Days 2021.

Day 1

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm - 19 May 2021 - Online Edition






Day 2

3:00 pm - 5:30 pm - 20 May 2021 - Online Edition


Data Ingest

Virtual Testing

Machine Learning

Virtual Simulation

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