Case Study

Our customer contact innovation strategy
for Vodafone

Vodafone leveraged Reply to accelerate the development of TOBi globally and demonstrate the value of digital customer contact channels through a data-driven approach.

Customer contact strategy implementation and data visualisation

The TOBi Programme (IVR Voice, App Chat, Web Chat, and Social Media Chat) is a key strategic programme to improve cost efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce contact center operations. Significant investment has been made into TOBi for development and global scale-up across 15 markets – with over 150M+ chatbot conversations.

Reply has been a key partner for Vodafone in Customer Contact Strategy & Customer AI Analytics globally since 2018.

Reply is working with Vodafone to bring data to the forefront

We have worked to create a common cross-channel and cross-market framework. KPIs are based on a consistent approach that measures specific customer intent strategies and creates a traceable thread throughout all customer contact channels.

Vodafone is now able to demonstrate the value of digital channels, create priorities for new digital capabilities in both established and emerging markets.

Unprecedented visibility into customer contact channels

The customer strategy programme has allowed Customer Operations Directors across Vodafone markets unparalleled visibility of data. This has resulted in:

Increased and more focused investment in digital capability in Chatbot and Mobile App

Senior Leader ownership and focus on eliminating poor customer services

Enhanced channel steering to digital channels for better customer experience and efficiency

Best Practice sharing of successful journeys across markets to accelerate the development of digital channels


Vodafone is a world-leading technology communications company with 625 million+ global customers, a presence in 65 countries and 94 million+ business IoT connections.