Case Study

Supporting a Business Strategy definition

We supported a United Nation agency in defining a Business Strategy, crafting a Concept Design and setting a viable impact-delivery model to scale and further develop their Digital Services portfolio.

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our goal

Developing a Business Strategy and Concept Design for a United Nation agency

our method

An inclusive


We crafted a suitable approach for collecting, joining and synthesizing the different points of view of the stakeholders involved. Firstly, we conducted one-to-one interviews, to gather insights from past project phases and to spot opportunities for improvement. Secondly, we used Empathy maps, to unfold stakeholders goals, pain points, observations and motivations. Lastly, we conducted a Co-creation workshop and synthesis activity, to align stakeholders to a value proposition statement and to craft some product recommendations and a plan for scaling and replication.


Aligning priorities, goals and vision

The Co-creation workshop suited particularly the challenges of this project, allowing the team in round up and align various stakeholders. This activity resulted in a common agreement on the project importance and an alignment on the short term project goals and the long term vision.

Turning insights into a business strategy

Thanks to this inclusive approach the team successfully gathered precious insights and elaborated the Co-creation workshop outputs, developing and synthesizing them to craft a booklet containing product recommendations and a plan for scaling and replication.


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