Case Study

Cloud and IoT integration for Alcar Ruote

A modern ERP cloud solution integrated with new IoT-based applications that redefines the concept of maintenance in the automotive realm.

How does a business optimise its order planning system to improve its quality?

The Group has embarked on a digital transformation process with a view to optimising its planning and order management system

Alcar Ruote is a multinational company in the automotive sector and a leader in the production of steel rims, with a distribution network and commercial subsidiaries located throughout Europe, over 800 employees and 5.5 million wheels sold annually around the world. The Group has embarked on a digital transformation process with a view to optimising its planning and order management system, reducing the management costs of operational and production processes and consequently improving quality. In a market where seasonality – closely tied to the change to and use of winter tyres – generates peak demand periods, it is essential to have a reactive and efficient planning process as a base.

Therefore, Alcar needed to have an accessible and easily scalable system at its disposal that was cloud-based and easy to integrate for the management of production and supply chain operations. Business Reply answer was to implement an innovative solution integrating Oracle Cloud ERP and Supply Chain Management (SCM) for the manufacturing sector with the new Oracle IoT (Production Monitoring) services.

Cloud integration with IoT services

Alcar Ruote relied on Business Reply’s experience for the first EMEA implementation of a fully cloud-based Oracle ERP and SCM solution in the production and planning area, a complex project that involved the company’s Finance, Procurement, Sales and Manufacturing departments. To enhance the efficiency of its tyre production activities, Alcar Ruote chose to integrate the new ERP and SCM system with the Oracle IoT Production Monitoring and Maintenance Cloud solution that enables the connection of production lines to provide continuous production monitoring. The data collected makes it possible to predictively identify potential maintenance needs, as well as ensuring greater flexibility and production rescheduling capabilities. Finally, the new system was integrated with the company’s Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), facilitating the daily monitoring of production, and with the Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence solution to provide advanced analysis and reporting.

A 'product-driven' approach for rapid implementation

One of the key elements that determined the success of the project was Business Reply’s 'Product-Driven' approach involving interactive workshops to acquire full knowledge of the Alcar context and to progressively refine the product configuration in accordance with the functional and process requirements. This implementation strategy meant that the gaps that emerged during the analysis phases could be effectively identified and managed, while at the same time favouring the adoption of the standard functions of the Oracle solution for even faster and more effective implementation.

Scalable architecture and real-time supply chain monitoring

In addition to reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of the application solutions, the project has led to a significant simplification of Alcar Ruote’s systems architecture and of the planning and order management processes.
The integration with Oracle IoT services also made it possible to construct a real-time monitoring process of the production lines, capable of verifying their status and of predicting potential anomalies.

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