Case Study

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Fondazione Don Gnocchi

Red Reply helped Fondazione Don Gnocchi to implement the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solution.


Fondazione Don Gnocchi, as a private healthcare onlus, have one of the largest non-public hospitalized infrastructure, including 100+ nodes dislocated on a private DC and distributed departments.

The result is a huge and heterogeneous set of workloads implemented by different software products and OS (also non - oracle workloads), that every week (5/7, 12h/day) process and manipulate a large amount of data in different environments.


  • Huge cloud migration of virtualized VM and systems integration over a MPLS network.

  • Building of an high-fault tolerant system from etherogeneous sources such as physical nodes, legacy systems and virtualized environments in order to optimize infrastructure and costs.

Customer's goals

Improve system resiliency and availability for highly critical health applications.
Centralize and improve performance of a fragmented infrastructure, direct support h24 on the entire system.


Usage of Oracle Infrastructure Cloud and Oracle Ravello in order to improve compatibility and reducing lift and shift time. Usage of an on-demand resource model for minor (not-production) environments in order to permit up/down scaling.

As managed service provider Red Reply implements and delivers a set of services tailored to the customer aimed to ensure reliability, resilience and high availability in order to fit and guarantee high quality and maximum performance. In this basket of services Red Reply is focused to guarantee fundamental goals such as monitoring, backup systems, disaster recovery and management of security aspects.

Fondazione Don Gnocchi


The Foundation was established almost seventy years ago by the Milanese priest Carlo Gnocchi. Initially its purpose was to ensure care, rehabilitation and social integration to mutilated people. Over time, the Foundation has expanded its scope, addressing also children and young adults with congenital or acquired disabilities as well as – in particular non self-sufficient – elderly and patients of all ages who require specialized and advanced neuromotoric or cardiorespiratory rehabilitation or people who have suffered severe brain injuries, who are in a prolonged vegetative state or terminally ill.

The Don Gnocchi Foundation offers its services under the accreditation scheme with the National Health Service (in addition to private and supplementary private business lines) in 28 residential facilities and about thirty ambulatory offices, active in 9 Italian regions. It also conducts scientific research and training, as well as projects of international solidarity - in the role of NGOs - in developing countries.

The objective of the Innovation Development Department in the Don Gnocchi Foundation is to guide and support the development of innovative patient services that are:

· High value, improve the relationship between benefits and costs;

· Sustainable, thanks to industrial partnerships;

· Wide accessibility, bringing benefits to more patients.


Red Reply is the Reply group company that designs and implements solutions and services based on Oracle Cloud platforms of type IaaS and PaaS, supporting its Customers in the migration to the Cloud of their systems and applications. Through a consolidated expertise on Oracle solutions, Red Reply provides complete support for Cloud Strategy and Migration services, Cloud Applications Development and Cloud Service Management. Red Reply is among the first Oracle Cloud MSP Partners worldwide. Through specific methods and tools, Red Reply supports its customers, from the evaluation phase of the approach to the cloud, the migration to a new architecture and the adoption of an IT Services delivery model in ORACLE Cloud, ensuring cost reduction, scalability and agility.