Case Study

The power of AWS cloud to locate connected cars

A Comsysto Reply solution

Automotive data, the new big data

Most driver assistant functions, like distance warning, sign recognition or parking assistant are built on the immediate environmental model of the car’s sensors. New functions, like early warnings about accidents or icy roads as well as high traffic or free parking spots need an extension of this environmental model. As connected cars drive and track their environment, they send their sensor data via the mobile network to a common backend. This enables the aggregation and validation of huge amounts of data, which can be sent back to other drivers.

The solution

In order to be always available and have an automated infrastructure, Comsysto Reply put into operation a modern cloud and big data technologies based on AWS Cloud technologies, with the support of an agile development using SCRUM in IT: SAF, a location based services for connected cars. Moreover, Comsysto Reply set up of a continuous delivery pipeline with blue/green deployments for zero downtime.

How it works?

The sensors of a connected car transmit their location to the Big Data platform. This data, integrated with High-Precision Map and real-time Data, enable to identify other affected vehicles, located in the same area of the car. Finally, the platform alert the other driver of the issues noticed, for example an icy road.

Comsysto Reply


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