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Reply Christmas in the Metaversea 

Based on an AI-Generated story and design

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Our first Generative AI Christmas

This year, we have relied on Artificial Intelligence to generate all of the content for our Christmas video, including images, textures, and video storyboards.

By using AI, we were able to create tailored contents for the holiday season, while also saving time and resources. We used generative AI tools such as Playground, Dall-e and Midjourney.

To start with, we talked to Playground to find the inspiration for the main narrative.  With the suggestions provided by Playground, we decided to let Santa Claus and his team take a more adventurous route, sailing across the sea on a vessel, instead of their usual journey across the sky. 

AI-driven narrative, visuals, and characters for dazzling 3D stories

Once the story was defined, Dall-e and Midjourney allowed us to create all the characters and other visual elements. Based on these outcomes from these two AI tools, we generated more than 3000 images, which were used to drive the Reply 3D Christmas video.  

We also used Topaz AI Video Enhance to upscale the rendered images, saving 70% of the usual calculation time. 

This unique storyline and the added benefits of optimizing the production time, encourage us to continue using AI in our future projects, aiming to push the boundaries of content production even further.


This content has been written with the support of ChatGPT

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