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Turning Innovation into a real business advantage

A wide range of drivers, like cloud computing, social-style collaboration, availability of data sources, remote working, Artificial Intelligence-based processes and Robot Process automation are driving disruptive change in Procurement organizations.

Today, organizations compete on all levels, including in their ability to manage their supply chains. Procurement digital transformation projects are complex: digitizing manual paper-based processes, they impact on many internal and external stakeholders, with many constraints in terms of speed, security, compliance, people skills, within a rapidly changing technology environment, composed of many players and best-of-breed technologies.

Streamlining a Digital Procurement journey

Embarking on a successful digital procurement journey means having a multi-functional team working in a fully collaborative mode, where functional expertise, best-in-class technological knowledge, change management methodologies, training, programme and project management skills are effectively mixed.


The digital transformation journey starts with an understanding of “where we are” and “where we want to go”. Every company has a history to be respected, processes in place, people with specific skills, a management with specific goals to reach, and technologies in place. Reply can provide you with a methodology to assess the different dimensions, and a benchmark to assess the “as is” compared to competitors. In addition, we can support you in choosing your transformation goals, strategy and speed. At the end of the assessment, you will know exactly what to do and what benefits you will get.


The digital transformation process is based on adopting the right technologies for each context: it takes time and expertise, within a world that is constantly changing. At Reply, we constantly analyse different technologies, we study their evolution and we deepen the "hype cycle" of each tool. We are able to propose the most suitable solutions for different contexts, in a short time and with little risk, through an end-to-end approach: from budget definition to software selection.


Once the ''as is'' is understood and the strategy is defined, we can support you in implementing your action plan. With the support of our methodology, we are able to help companies and software partners in the project phase, checking that all objectives are met within budget, objectives and timeframe.


Every digital transformation project implies "change management": to face this challenge, we can share with you all the best practices to "make it work". Training, hypercare, ROI analysis, and everything else you need to support internal stakeholders to take full advantage of new tools and processes.


Digital transformation is a journey: once the project phase is over, people are trained and start using the new tools, the journey is just beginning. It then becomes essential to monitor what is happening, and "correct" the direction by considering the changes in real time. With our support, especially in terms of Application Maintenance, it will become possible to maximise the ROI of the investment.

Reply’s Approach to the Digital Procurement

Our approach is based on three main pillars, harmonised by the definition of a clear procurement strategy
and a change management strategy.
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    Governance and Organization

    According to the first pillar of our Digital Procurement approach, we turn the spotlight on the underlying corporate structure, focusing on: Governance, Organizational Structure, Roles, Accountability, Skills, Knowledge, Policies and Procedures.

  • Business Processes

    This pillar constitutes the "heart" of the digital transformation, including the clear definition of the processes that will be affected: Spend Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management, Transactional Procurement, Payables and Cash Management.

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    Procurement Technologies

    Procurement technologies are clearly an important pillar in the digital transformation process: it is therefore essential to focus not only on established vendors, but also on innovative emerging solutions. Reply is able to help you select the right set of solutions covering different topics: Sourcing and Procurement, Category Management, Spend Analytics, Supplier Risk Management, Cash Management, External workforce, Contract Management, eInvoicing.

Interested in further insights into Reply’s Procurement approach?