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Reply named a Visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Warehouse Management Systems

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Reply in the visionaries

Reply, with its proprietary suites LEA ReplyTM and Click ReplyTM has been recognized as a Visionary in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Warehouse Management Systems.


LEA ReplyTM Reply’s go-forward WMS, is a state-of-the-art supply chain execution platform composed of ready-to-use business microservices that can be combined to quickly realise new solutions for specific business needs.


Click ReplyTM is the warehouse execution suite that ensures effective operations and precise control of supply chain execution processes for distribution warehouses and production plants.

Build the future of Supply Chain

Thanks to its proprietary supply chain suites, Reply is a thought leader to drive innovation in supply chain and is able to support customers in their transformation journey, to keep up with an increasingly complex and disrupted market landscape.

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Driving innovation in Supply Chain Management

Reply is recognized for providing cutting-edge software solutions that help companies achieve an efficient and more connected digital supply chain, thanks to:

Proven WMS and Supply Chain solutions

with agility and extensive depth of functionality to execute operations such as inventory fulfillment, warehousing, yard management, dock scheduling and labor management, for different levels of warehouse operations. The LEA Reply platform also offers solutions for distribution, delivery, point-of-sales activities, and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

+20 years of experience

with tier-one, global customers in 5 continents, across a variety of industries, from automotive and 3PL to retail, e-commerce and fashion.

Innovation mindset

by developing our proprietary platforms and solutions daily and experimenting firsthand with next-generation technologies, such as AI, drones and robots for warehouse automation and microfulfillment.

Customer focus

we accompany our customers in their supply chain transformation journey ensuring rapid time-to-value and long-term quality results.

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Warehouse Management System

Case Study

ASSOS: sprint towards success with REPLY WMS

ASSOS, a leading company in the high quality cycling wear industry, has managed to improve its e-commerce, doubling the preparation and delivery speed, while at the same time maintaining high quality standards. All this, thanks to the LEA ReplyTM WMS, the warehouse management solution that is part of LEA ReplyTM, the latest generation, supply chain execution platform.

ASSOS sprint towards success with REPLY WMS 0


Case Study

GLS: deliver smarter with LEA Reply Visibility

GLS, a leading worldwide company offering parcel, logistics and express services, has managed to improve its service levels, while optimizing the efficiency of its network and costs. All this, thanks to LEA ReplyTM Visibility.

GLS deliver smarter
with LEA Reply
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Case Study


To increase productivity and ensure the safety of the operators, Grupo Trino has adopted the use of drones in their central warehouse for PepsiCo, to perform cyclical and monthly inventories, in collaboration with Logistics Reply.

Warehouse Management

Case Study

Modernizing Logistics and Production at va-Q-tec AG

va-Q-tec, a pioneer in innovative insulation solutions and energy-efficient, space-saving and environmentally friendly thermal insulation packaging solutions, planned to modernize its warehouse management to keep pace with rapid business growth and turned to Reply as a strategic partner for an ambitious future.



Logistics Reply is working on solutions for using drones in warehouse operations.

Our main interest is in coordinating drones for their effective use in logistics. Whilst drones are ideal for outdoor operations (e.g. for yard management, last mile delivery), we believe they can be utilized for indoor operations as well (inventory check/stock taking).



technological innovation


Area42 is a laboratory for experimenting and transforming creative ideas into reality, utilising the potential of the most cutting-edge technology in the field of robotics, advanced mobility and virtual reality.

Reply’s development center where technological innovation becomes reality

Area42 0

Digitalisation of production logistics at EHRLE GmbH

The digitalisation of logistics opens up new possibilities for increasing efficiency in production and thus offers an entry into the Industrie 4.0.


Case Study

Nexive Robots Use Edge Computing To Obtain, Communicate and Process Data in Real-Time

E-commerce continues to grow rapidly and, to keep up with this Nexive, the private postal leader in Italy, has adopted the robotization of parcel sorting in its warehouses, thanks to solutions based on edge computing.




To compete in the era of anytime-anywhere commerce, retailers must provide an immersive customer experience: offering personalisation, flexibility and choice is essential to meet increasingly higher customer expectations.

Read this article to discover the potential of omnichannel logistics and to find out how the right technology can bring inventory closer to the customer for omnichannel success.



Advanced Workforce Planning with Click Reply

The impacts of COVID-19 on execution processes are heavily stressing logistics operations both in terms of their ability to maintain service level to customers and to support new security/sanitation requirements. Click ReplyTM Planner is the distribution center control tower tool that allows operations managers to gain full control on service levels.

Advanced Workforce Planning with Click ReplyTM Planner

Supply Chain Management


Online grocery beyond COVID-19

LEA ReplyTM In-Store Picking is a mobile-based solution that simplifies the preparation process of an online order in-store, from distributing orders to operators, picking and scanning items, to pick-up/delivery to final customers.

Supply Chain

White Paper

Uncover the value of real-time Smart Tracking

Your existing IT systems are already producing massive amounts of data, isn’t it about time you put this data to work for you?

Supply chain management


Dock scheduling

Which yard management inefficiencies you should be concerned about, why having an effective dock scheduling system in place makes a world of difference and what our LEA Reply™ Dock Scheduling solution can do for you.

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