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Enterprise Social Network



The Enterprise Social Network solution TamTamy™ is Reply’s response to the emerging communication, Engagement, training and cooperation scenarios. It can be applied both in business (for employee networks, participative intranets, and Social Learning) and in the public sphere (consumer or business-to-business communities) as a highly customisable and integrable Mobile-ready tool.


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Modern Workforce

Best Practice

"Where do you Workplace?"

Today’s workspace is on-the-go. Implico Reply & Workplace help you break down geographic and technology barriers to communication and collaboration to satisfy the needs of your changing workforce.
Workplace’s personalized feeds, live chat, video broadcasts, secure file sharing and familiar interfaces encourage open communication that accelerates idea sharing and drives productivity.

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Digital Workplace

Case Study

How to help companies' employees shift to remote working

As a response to an increase in remote working, Sky wanted their employees to have access to the best possible tools to enable them to operate as efficiently as possible. Avvio Reply were asked to develop a communication strategy to ensure a successful transition to this new way of working.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

Digital Workplace strategy for companies

Nationwide wanted to create a truly ‘digital workplace’, providing employees with the tools and technology to work wherever and whenever they chose. Avvio Reply helped Nationwide to communicate their workplace strategy to the business, ensuring employees were ready for the change.

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Intranet Strategy

Best Practice

9 tips for a successful intranet strategy

WM Reply has compiled 9 tips for a successful intranet strategy, based on the vast experience gathered in numerous projects for a wide range of customers.


Case Study


With the support of Triplesense Reply, Skrill and AC Milan decided to run the campaign on TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos.
TikTok, the social media phenomenon of the past year, includes challenges as one of its top trends, and Triplesense chose to launch a challenge using the funny and easy-to-follow hashtag #TapAndMove.


Employees Collaboration

Case Study

Driving Adoption of Digital Collaboration Tools: The Coca-Cola Enterprises Project

With the support of Avvio Reply, Coca-Cola Enterprises has successfully communicated the benefits of its new digital collaboration tools. As digital becomes an increasingly important sales driver for CCE, it’s vital that their employees’ own understanding and knowledge of the power of digital keeps pace.

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Modern workplace

Case Study

"I think the Platform is a work of art."

Transport for London (TfL) are using native SharePoint Online functionality to deliver their intranet. Supported by WM Reply's Accelerator to deliver an enhanced experience, TfL have migrated away from three legacy intranets onto a unified Platform, positioned right at the heart of their digital workplace.

Digital Workplace

Case Study

A strategic approach to Yammer collaboration

When you’re working within a global organisation with a diverse workforce, ensuring your people have an outlet to work together, share their views and collaborate is essential to the growth and success of your company. But how do you bring your people together in a way that allows them to work together openly? You take a strategic approach with WM Reply.

Corporate Social Network

Best Practice

Announcing 'Fabbrica Futuro', the social platform for Reale Group employees

The aim is to transfer knowledge about the group’s strategic projects in Italy and Spain by engaging with employees in a new and innovative way. Fabbrica Futuro is a genuine corporate social network that has been created in cooperation with TamTamy Reply, the Reply group company that specialises in designing and developing commmunities.

Starbytes Social


The simplest way to reach your social influencers

The Starbytes™ experience has led to Starbytes Social, a Crowd-based Social Media Marketing platform exploiting a Crowdsourcing approach to distributing, spreading and promoting brand content.


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Social Engagement

Case Study

Napisan on Facebook with Reply

Bitmama has taken the theme of hygiene and made it social, by getting Napisan on Facebook and starting an ongoing conversation with its fan base. The social strategy involved opening and populating the hygiene and disinfection brand’s Facebook page and generating traffic through publishing plans and special initiatives.

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Social Media

Best Practice

Reply Social Media Command Center

Thanks to the Arlanis Reply Social Media Command Center, companies are able to increase their understanding of the social media conversations happening around their brands, products or services.

Arlanis Reply is the first partner to open a Social Media Command Center in Germany.

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Personal data protection

Best Practice

How Much Data are People Giving Away?

In today’s connected world, the amount of data available about an individual has increased exponentially. This white paper aims to outline the technologies being used to gather data about individuals, how this is being used and what the future could hold for data gathering.