The Group SEA (Società per azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A.) manages the Milan airport system, Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airports, guaranteeing all services and related activities. A study on passengers’ spending habits, carried out by SEA demonstrated that most of the passengers walking through Milano Malpensa Airport plan their path to the gate in such a way to reach their gate as quickly and efficiently as possible. This decreases the chance of passengers of viewing the several commercial opportunities and services delivered within the airport. The objective of the project was to foster passengers’ to spend within the airport, by leveraging on innovative marketing instruments based on a gamification-oriented strategy. At the same time, SEA ICT department was looking for a Marketing Intelligence & Automation Solution to address its internal stakeholders’ requirements.


Syskoplan Reply, the SAP technology specialist within the Reply Group, has been awarded with the SAP Quality Award from SAP in the Innovation category for the "Hashtag Hunting" project.


The SEA Group aimed to release a cutting-edge marketing campaign based on the concept of gamification. The implementation of SAP C/4HANA helped Syskoplan Reply to carry out such initiative by turning the passengers into users involved in a multichannel campaign consisting in a sort of treasure hunt called "Hashtag Hunting", where each clue was placed in a strategical point within the airport just close to the shopping areas.
The project was organized in two main streams:
  • the first stage of prototyping had the objective to gather business requirements with an increasing level of detail while developing a POC (Proof of Concept) at the same time. This has allowed building a solid framework for further project developments and collecting solid requirements thus limiting the amount of unsolicited change requests during project execution;
  • the second stage consisted in the realization of the project itself.


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  • Real-time awareness of passengers’ movements among the physical and digital touchpoints (proprietary and social) within the airport

  • The possibility to build scoring rules to turn passengers into users and in real-time classify them according to their movements and spending habits

  • A unique platform to govern marketing undertakings and deliver contents to end-user (promotions, campaigns, service communications, customer service communications and so forth) through multiple touchpoints

  • The change to engage customers and prospects through real-time messages, gauged on end-user specific attributes

  • A highly customizable platform that allows Marketing Department to autonomously develop personalized contents thst can be conveyed to customers


Syskoplan Reply also decided to involve “SEA Non-Aviation Operational Processes” e “SEA Customer Care Business Analysis” departments to verify project effectiveness, by developing and monitoring specific KPIs. Each requirements was mapped by taking into consideration 4 sets of project objectives: Technical objectives, Functional Objectives, Greater Customer Engagement and Digital Transformation.
"Hashtag Hunting" clues are the instruments that allows detecting passengers’ movements within the airport. Each clue found by one passenger is conveyed to SAP C/4HANA that records user data and its position. The activation of all the clues hidden within the terminal is growing.

Thanks to a multichannel marketing campaign, the passengers are informed about the change to participate to the "Hashtag Hunting". In case they decide to participate, they would become SAP C/4HANA users. By monitoring the trend of user ‘’subscription’’ it is then possible to evaluate the success of the initiative. The KPIs increased of the 18%.
Before the start of the initiative, we measured customer average spending on the shops participating to the initiative. This value has been taken as a reference point to compare with the benefits the project brought about. It was registered a 3,8% increase of Passengers’ Average Spending.
Touchpoints returns means monitoring of users’ feedbacks on the different touchpoints managed by SAP C/4HANA (SEA Website, Social, Milan Airport Application, Digital Totem). This KPI has an average positive feedbacks on the different touchpoints.

    The Group SEA (Società per Azioni Esercizi Aeroportuali S.E.A.) manages the Milan airport system. The group companies manage and develop the Milan Malpensa and Milan Linate airports, guaranteeing all services and related activities, such as the landing and departure of aircraft, airport security management , the handling performance for goods and passengers, the continuous development of commercial services to passengers, operators and visitors. The SEA Group produces electricity and heat both for the coverage of the needs of its airports and for the sale to the external market.

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