Game Design & Development

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf available for Nintendo Switch™

Forge Reply will publish its debut game on the Nintendo eShop on February 16th.

Forge Reply announces the release of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf on Nintendo Switch™ 0

12.09.2017 / VR

News & Communication

Forge Reply Announces Theseus Will Launch on PC in Fall 2017

Today Forge Reply is happy to announce that its mythical adventure Theseus will launch on PC this Fall, on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Forge Reply Announces Theseus Will Launch on PC in Fall 2017 0

Game Design & Development

Forge Reply

Forge Reply is a specialist in the development of games for mobile devices, smartphones, tablets, both for the consumer market and for the enterprise market.

Forge Reply supports companies in the introduction of new modes of communication and participation, based on the interactive and involvement logics which are typical of gaming (problem solving, engagement, teamwork).



Case Study

The Savings Museum: learning through play

Saving is a serious business, but it can be made into a game. The Savings Museum is unique in Europe; it aims to explain finance and economics in an interesting, entertaining way to children and families. Forge Reply, working with Bitmama, has developed three interactive games for the museum’s visitors to test their newly acquired knowledge.


Best Practice

Take back the fun

Gamification means using mechanisms typical of a video game in non-gaming settings. Thus, daily tasks using the company intranet or web services, for example, can become less repetitive and tiresome. Gaming dynamics applied to online services have the power to guide and monitor user behaviour in real time, thus extending the traditional loyalty model and bringing it closer to the world of Social games.


Best Practice

How to improve the learning processes

Edutainment consists in applying and integrating game dynamics and mechanisms into a website or community to boost User Participation and Engagement.


News & Communication

Forge Reply Announces Act 4 of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

Forge Reply, in collaboration with Atlantyca and BulkyPix, announces that Act 4: Dawn over V'taag is now available on App Store and Google Play. This follows the success of the first three acts of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf, which includes winning two Drago d’Oro awards, being finalists in the Develop Awards and being selected by the prestigious IndieCade Festival.

Forge Reply Announces Act 4 of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf 0


News & Communication

Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is the best Italian videogame

Lone Wolf - Blood on the Snow, the roleplay videogame for tablets and smartphones, based on Joe Dever’s fantasy saga and realised by Forge Reply, has won the prestigious Drago D’Oro prize in two important categories: "best Italian videogame" and "best game design".


News & Communication

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf - Blood on The Snow is available on smartphones and tablets

The studio Forge Reply in partnership with Atlantyca Lab, the digital division of Atlantyca Entertainment, and the publisher and video game developer BulkyPix are happy to announce that Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf - Blood on The Snow is available today on iOS and Android.

25.10.2013 - 26.10.2013


Italian Game Developers Summit

Forge Reply joined IGDS 2013, an event dedicated to the community of Italian game developers to exchange their experiences, meet with each other and inspire from international speakers. The event was held in Milan from 25 to 26 October 2013.


News & Communication

Famous game book IP Lone Wolf comes to smartphones and tablets

BulkyPix, game publisher and developer for smartphones and tablets is proud to announce its partnership with Forge Reply studio and Atlantyca Lab, the digital division of Atlantyca Entertainment, to showcase the launch of: Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf - Blood on the Snow for tablets and smartphones.

25.03.2013 - 27.03.2013


Game Connection 2013

Forge Reply took part in Game Connection 2013, the place to be for video games professionals, which was held in San Francisco from 25 to 27 March 2013.


Best Practice

Ringmaster: Betting Gaming

Ringmaster, a joint venture between Reply and the Gtech group, was set up to develop products and solutions for betting and gaming. It provides technical and domain expertise coupled with development and innovation methodology to create multiplatform, multichannel and multi-user software solutions and products.

Ringmaster Betting Gaming 0