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A reference architecture for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are the next evolutionary step for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) and able to move independently from a central infrastructure. Reply and Microsoft have developed a use case for vehicle damage inspection, fully automating the process using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and state-of-the-art Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology. The solution architecture demonstrates the capabilities of a scalable and versatile robotics platform to automate processes using Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Fully automated damage inspection for vehicles

Making AI services from the cloud move

The traditional method

In order to ensure safety and quality for their customers, rental car companies need to be aware of any damage to the vehicles after their return. This is usually done by an employee in a time and cost consuming manual process of walking around the car, visually inspecting it, assessing the severity of the damage and conducting a damage report.

Autonomous mobility and strong processing power

Equipped with computer vision and strong processing power, Spot from Boston Dynamics is not only able to walk around the vehicle imitating the manual process, it also offers the ideal prerequisites to function as an edge device for pre-analysing data before it is sent to the cloud. This reduces the data stream significantly and offers immediate insights.

Built-in intelligence and process management

After the inspection, the agile mobile robot returns to its base and the operator gets informed that the inspection is completed. The identified damages are documented and the customers receive a detailed report that they can accept or reject. Additional dashboards enable the operator to identify details of the damages within the managed fleet.

An end-to-end solution architecture for customer specific use cases

There are multiple different applications where mobile robots are useful. They can be used in extremely hazardous and toxic environments which could be too dangerous for individuals to enter, or to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently. Generally, most scenarios are being split into four main categories where the AMR can be used:





The solution developed by Reply and Microsoft has given birth to a flexible, scalable and versatile robotic platform, using the advantages of Azure’s intelligent service foundation, agile workflows, machine learning and computer vision. This platform sets the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud on the move by bringing it from the Cloud to the Edge and into highly advanced mobile robotic devices, giving them the autonomy to unlock novel business use cases for Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Adopting advanced technology for business benefits

Reply is intent on fully leveraging the power of autonomous mobile robots for business benefits. This means testing the latest hardware and co-developing innovative extensions. Autonomous Mobile Robots are agile and can move on terrain not traditionally designed for robots. This gives huge flexibility to industries across the board, without heavy upfront costs. Combined with the intelligent services of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, new business applications can be created.

What is your use case for Autonomous Mobile Robots?

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