Triplesense Reply leads the "Marelli Design-Led Innovation" project for CES 2024 in Las Vegas

10 January 2024

Marelli, one of the major suppliers of automotive technologies, has chosen Triplesense Reply to create its exhibition space at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the largest innovation fair, taking place from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas.

The result? Marelli Design-Led Innovation: an interactive experiential journey that provides people with a complete immersion in cutting-edge technologies for future mobility. The common thread is the co-creation process that makes Marelli an excellent partner for OEMs and car makers.

Numerous communication materials and objects have been designed to make the booth engaging and representative of Marelli's solutions; starting with the innovative visual identity that characterizes the entire environment.

Each area is dedicated to a phase of the design process and hosts interactive experiences or informative and impactful video and graphic materials. Firstly, there is the configurator for the Digital Twin, allowing customization of the car's functionalities based on one's personality. Next, the journey involves moving to the interactive co-creation table to discover how the vehicle's architecture works and evolves through the cloud. These two experiences were developed in collaboration with Infinity Reply, the Reply Group company specializing in 3D and spatial computing solutions. The setup, on the other hand, is managed by GPJ (George P. Johnson, Experiential Marketing Agency).

The booth showcases products divided by themes, from sustainability to performance, narrated through videos and graphic panels.

The final space is 'Design for What's Next', a window into the future, allowing individuals to imagine and test the possibilities of tomorrow’s mobility.

Thanks to the synergy between Triplesense Reply and Marelli, the Marelli Design-Led Innovation project is finally ready to be experienced and open new horizons for the automotive industry.

Triplesense Reply
Triplesense Reply is a Reply Creative and Design Consulting Agency, specialized in digital communication, user centered design and interaction between brand and people, integrating technological and strategic know-how with a creative vocation.

Creative concept and management: Triplesense Reply
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Milanesio
Creative Direction: Chiara Fissore, Riccardo Albertazzi
Art Direction: Giulia Giordano, Emanuele De Donno
Copywriting: Viola Ugazio
Tech Supervisor: Matteo Parisi
Project Management: Linda Mazzucco, Roberta Carbone

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