Net Reply secures UK Government’s ARIANE project as a consortium partner

31 January 2024

Net Reply, the Reply Group company specialising in networks and security, has secured the prestigious UK Government project, ARIANE (Accelerating RAN Intelligence across Networks Ecosystems) in the Open RAN (Radio Access Network) space, as part of a consortium. 

The ARIANE project is one of the distinguished winners of the Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology (DSIT) ONE (Open Networks Ecosystem) competition. This high-profile project is also dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art solutions aimed at enhancing network intelligence and automation. Its mission is to investigate, validate, and report insights regarding the specific challenges that affect Open RAN standards development and market expansion.

As the application (rApps/xApps) partner for the ARIANE project, Net Reply will collaborate closely with 8 selected consortium partners. Together, they will undertake carrier-grade simulated testing for 3 DSIT-highlighted rAPP/xAPPs use cases across various Radio Intelligent Controller (RIC) platforms. Over the project’s 18-month duration, Net Reply will deliver 3 cutting-edge AI/ML-based applications, tailored to address the crucial areas of energy reduction, enhanced traffic management, and spectrum management.

With the surging demand for wireless connectivity, mobile network operators face the pressing need to swiftly and cost-effectively expand and enhance their RANs. This project will play a pivotal role in validating the network performance benefits through the application of energy reduction, advanced traffic steering, and dynamic quality of service-based resource allocation AI/ML algorithms. By operating in a vendor-neutral environment, it will significantly lower barriers to entry and enable the deployment of multi-vendor Open RAN systems.

Jason Hill, Executive Partner for Reply said: “With a wealth of experience working with network operators, Net Reply understands that designing and developing an Open RAN network is highly rewarding but requires careful planning, rigorous testing, specialised skills, and an exclusive focus on performance, security, and complexity. Net Reply is thrilled to join forces with our ARIANE partners in a multi-vendor environment to support the UK government’s Open RAN initiative, by designing, developing, and integrating AI/ML based xApps and rApps for integral use cases of energy consumption, enhanced traffic management and spectrum management.”

This project will implement new and cutting-edge solutions to elevate network intelligence and automation, in order to meet the increasing demand for connectivity in the digital age. To learn more about Net Reply’s solutions and the innovative ARIANE project, visit

Reply [EXM, STAR: REY] specialises in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media. Reply is a network of highly specialised companies supporting key European industrial groups operating in the telecom and media, industry and services, banking, insurance and public administration sectors in the definition and development of business models enabled for the new paradigms of big data, cloud computing, digital media and the Internet of Things. Reply services include: Consulting, System Integration and Digital Services. 

Net Reply
Net Reply is the Reply Group company specialising in Networks and Security. With an agile and collaborative approach, we partner with our clients to ensure their network ecosystem is ready to exploit the opportunities of Digitalisation, IOT and Cloud by harnessing the power of Automation and Future Networking. Our Security Practice provides an innovative and pragmatic approach to help our clients understand the threats to their business and to manage and mitigate service and privacy risks, leveraging the latest machine learning and automation technologies. Founded in 2010, Net Reply is a focused, dedicated, agile group of talented and experienced technologists and consultants.

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