"Green IoT"


2019: 14th November , Turin | 20th November, Milan
2020: 18th - 19th January, Cambridge
2022: 26th March, Grenoble

Student Tech Clash

The Reply Student Tech Clash is the international students’ idea generation event organized by Reply and dedicated to all students coming from the best universities. Celebrating its 11th edition, the Student Tech Clash roadshow visited 4 international universities in 4 different cities.

In one day students brought to life fresh and creative ideas on how to make a better use of the Green IoT, emphasizing the technical and market’s needs. Students worked in teams and were supported by a group of Reply experts.

Green IoT

How can IoT help us building smarter, cleaner, and more efficient solutions?

IoT (Internet of Things) connects everything and everyone in the smart world. Innovations that are eco-friendly or based on a sustainable way, will always take an energy saving approach, more efficient delivery methods and Green IoT.


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