The Idea Generation Challenge for University Students about Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving

23rd March – INSA Lyon
25th March – INP Grenoble


Participation is open to all students from INSA Lyon and INP Grenoble

No basic knowledge is needed, you will learn everything you need from Reply Experts.

Student Tech Clash is back!

The Reply Student Tech Clash is the international students’ idea generation event organised by Reply and dedicated to all students coming from the best universities in Europe. The competition is back to France, welcoming INSA Lyon for the first time. They battling against INP Grenoble over the topic of Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving. Who’s gonna be the best?

Supported by Reply mentors, teams of students will bring to life fresh and creative ideas on Metaverse in a single day, trying to meet tech and market’s needs. Reply will award local winners with Beats Headphones or Sonos speakers for each component of the winning team. The overall winning university will win a Reply branded Arcade Game.

Drive into the future

Electric vehicles and autonomous driving have the potential to revolutionize the way we move in the world. With the increasing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and the need for more efficient and safe driving, these technologies are becoming more important than ever.

Quantum computing, a cutting-edge technology that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to perform complex calculations, could play an important role in improving electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

How? Let’s discover it together!

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Learn more about Electric Vehicles, Autonomous Driving and Quantum Computing by joining us and challenge yourself!

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