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Challenge 2020

Powered by Reply, Banca Generali and MIP

30 March - 9 April | Online
24 April | The Final Round

The Challenge

Welcome to our first ever Investment Challenge, brought to you by Banca Generali and Reply, in collaboration with MIP (Politecnico di Milano School of Management).

From 30 March to 9 April - Online round: players invested on BG Saxo, the investment platform connected to the real market, and learned from some useful contents on different asset classes and investment strategies, made by Reply and MIP.

The Final Round

24 April - Final Round: only the best 100 players had access the final round and compete for the podium. The best 100 players had the chance to win:

  • Mac Book Pro

  • Apple Watch

  • Apple Airpods Pro

The Winners

These are the three top ranked players that took part in this challenge:


Number One

Alfonso Di Palma
Total Profit and Loss: € 212,079.74


Second Best

Giuseppe Michele Rinaldi
Total Profit and Loss: € 151,023.71


Third Place

Bruno Messina
Total Profit and Loss: € 125,732.88

Let’s crunch some numbers

Beyond expectations, here is the participation response:

Investment challenge 2020

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