IT Symposium 2023: Software-Driven Car

29 to 30 March 2023


This year's IT Symposium, that takes place from 29 to 30 March 2023 at BMW World, focuses on cyber security and software-driven car. The annual event provides a platform for discussions around the global automotive industry and related IT trends and innovations.

Electromobility, autonomous vehicles, changing customer preferences and the digitalisation of the entire value chain are drivers of the digital transformation in the automotive and manufacturing industries. Meet the automotive experts from Autonomous Reply, Spike Reply and Spark Reply at the IT Symposium 2023. Learn how our experts can support you in shaping the future of manufacturing and software-defined vehicles with industry knowledge, creativity, agility and problem-solving expertise to accelerate transformation processes:

- Software-defined vehicles: architecture & processes, onboard/offboard funcions, simulation and evaluation, cybersecurity.
- AI-enabled vehicles: cloud-native, DevSecOps, low-code and no-code platforms, automation with machine learning.

30 March 2023, 02:30 p.m.:
Do we need a new architecture for Software Defined Vehicles (SDV) to achieve a better User Experience? Challenges and opportunities.
The presentation compares the current and future requirements for a modern and innovative car experience with the available operating systems and frameworks. CX use cases will be used as the basis for the comparison. With these digital services, new paths are being taken that make the vehicle appear as a real "smart device on four wheels".

Esther Fesenmeier, Spark Reply
Peter Schiekofer, Autonomous Reply


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Within the Reply Group, Autonomous Reply is the specialised company for the software and system integration of autonomous things. The experts advise companies in the industrial, automotive and new mobility sectors from the sensor to the infrastructure. The portfolio includes holistic solutions across the entire value chain – from strategy definition and advice on application possibilities to design and implementation. The offer includes edge computing, embedded software, cloud services and integration into different eco-systems. State-of-the-art technologies and methods from the fields of deep learning, machine learning and computer vision are used. 

Spike Reply is the company within the Reply Group focusing on cybersecurity and personal data protection. Its mission is to safeguard the values and privacy of people, companies and processes in order to support the growth of a global, sustainable digital world through innovation. Confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems are top priorities. Together with its partners, the company provides vendor-independent consulting services to help enterprises achieve a group-wide, security-oriented culture.

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