Clubhouse Talk: Intelligent process automation in the digital experience sector


19 May 2021


What will the future of automation in the digital experience sector and for agencies look like? What are the visions for future application scenarios and which real use cases are already being implemented? The experts from Reply Sarah Lewandowski, Fabian Merkel, Marek Matuszewski and Christoph Potje will explore these questions and explain a real-life example of automation in the field of Digital Experience.

Join this Reply Clubhouse Talk and discuss with us where possible use cases for intelligent process automation in Digital Experience lie, which market opportunities arise and how you as an agency can generate a USP in this area. Because it is precisely here that the digital experience is not yet as far advanced as in finance departments, for example. Let’s talk about new technologies that can add value to this area, how to integrate this into a short- and long-term vision, and what you need to be ready for the future.

Clubhouse Talk

19 May 2021, 5:30-6:00 p.m. CEST:
Intelligent Process Automation in the Digital Experience Sector

Sarah Lewandowski, Manager, Leadvise Reply; @sarahlew
Fabian Merkel, Senior Consultant, Leadvise Reply; @fabian.m
Marek Matuszewski, Manager, Cluster Reply; @marekmvp

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