Extraordinary Transactions

Merger of Reply Deutschland AG into Reply S.p.A.

​​In December 2013 Reply completed the cross-border merger of its listed German subsidiary Reply Deutschland AG into Reply S.p.A.

Merger of Reply Deutschland AG into Reply S.p.A.

Documents relevant for Reply SpA (ZIP)

Documents relevant for Reply Deutschland AG (ZIP)

The English versions have been provided for convenience of international readers. In the event of any discrepancy between the Italian and German originals and the English language translations, the contents of the originals will prevail.

Financial reports Reply Deutschland AG:

Individual Financial Statement - Reply Deutschland AG 31/03/2013

Reply AG 2012

Reply DE Group 2012

Reply AG 2011

Reply DE Group 2011

syskoplan AG 2010

syskoplan Group 2010

Financial reports Reply SpA:

Individual Financial Statement - Reply SpA 31/03/2013 (German only)

Reply SpA Group 2012

Reply SpA Group 2011

Reply SpA Group 2010

Acquisition of syskoplan AG

In 2006 Reply S.p.A. acquired a majority stake in the German syskoplan AG. On the occasion of this transaction the following documents were provided:

syskoplan Annual Report 2005

syskoplan Consob Informative Document (Italian)

going public 2000

In December 2000 Reply S.p.A. was listed on Italian Stock Exchange. Hereafter please find the prospectus having being issued upon this occasion:

IPO Prospectus