Case Study

Chicco's Toys Block App: using AR for educational play

20 July 2015

Reply has partnered with Chicco on their project of extending physical games into the digital arena by developing the first in a series of augmented reality apps. Toys Apps series aim to provide the child with a rich play experience through an infinite series of situations that help to promote creativity and imagination. With the Toy Blocks app, the child learns to bring to life the topics suggested in a set of toy blocks in a virtual and digital way by simply tapping on a tablet. Furthermore, by aligning the physical designs with the aid of the device’s camera, the Toy Blocks app interacts with the game to create a genuine 3D adventure that the child can experience either alone, with friends or with his or her parents. Developed in cooperation with the Osservatorio Chicco, the Toys apps constitute a set of applications that are devised to promote play between parents and their children, thus encouraging socialisation and language development.

Reply’s specialists in gaming, graphic design and app development have pooled their skills to support Chicco in all phases of the project, from the design to the child’s user experience and from the creation of the graphics to the development of the apps. The project has also benefited from Reply ’s specific experience and skills in the field of augmented reality. Models and applications of augmented reality and immersive reality are areas in which Reply – by combining the substantial experience it has built up in the world of gaming with mobile expertise and new technologies in the field of wearable devices – has developed a specific offering focused on the development of solutions for increasing customer involvement, whether the customers are children or adults.

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