Case Study

Oracle human capital management “Metyou”

A Human resources metamorphosis spread over 24 countries and 30 companies

HCM cloud solution

Danieli Group started its human resources cloud journey with Oracle HCM cloud with the goal of having a unique and harmonized view of all of its HR processes and employees’ data, spread over 20 production units and 25 business divisions within the 24 countries in which it operates.

In pursuing its own talent strategy, Danieli Group relied on Business Reply’s expertise to manage and develop employees and to build a human resource management platform for both domestic and overseas employees with an integrated global human capital management (HCM) cloud solution, helping develop a talent-focused organization and enhance competitive edge.

The HCM Cloud Solution helps Danieli Group to be competitive in a market where the continuous updating and monitoring of internal skills, the ability to quickly identify gaps and close them through targeted actions and successful performance are essential.

Danieli Group’s HR platform, configured by Business Reply using Oracle HCM suite, has been aptly named "Metyou". The name was chosen as a symbol of the Metamorphosis that the organization has undertaken, with the goal of growing and acquiring renewed internal skills to respond to the transformation taking place worldwide.

HR digital transformation

Danieli Group launched its HR Digital Transformation Project, based on Oracle HCM Cloud Suite, in order to develop a corporate culture focused on talent management and adapt to new opportunities and changes in the market.
An easy and real-time access to their global and local data enables Danieli Group to make decisions faster, creating a quicker and more efficient global HR process.

Innovation, quality and velocity in HR

Business Reply is supporting Danieli Group in this HR cloud journey through the continuous improvement of the Performance and Skills Evaluations Process, the implementation of Talent Review and Career Development, the opening of Junior Performance Management and the development of an integrated employee experience across multiple dimensions, from CV to development and talent management.

Business Reply also supported the Danieli Group in its Worldwide Digital Rewards Transformation Program. The program provided for the allocation of the budget and the rewarding of employees across borders, as well as the planning of variable compensation depending on position and age. In addition, prospective strategies were defined through what-if analysis and a performance-driven rewarding system was delineated in order to encourage the employees to reach new business goals.

An effective strategy allows Daniele Group to attract talented people, retain and empower key employees, and create a motivated workforce able to achieve excellence in a dynamic and challenging environment, where innovation, quality and velocity are a must.

Danieli is among the world’s top three manufacturers of plants and machines for the metals industry. The Group’s companies use their own technologies to manufacture and install competitive machines and plants worldwide, supplying both single units and turnkey plants. Its current range of products includes machines, plants and processes for all the production cycles of steel and non-ferrous metals, from ore and scrap processing to finished long and flat products. The Group has more than 25 divisions, each one staffed by individuals with specific technical capabilities, and bringing long and notable legacies from their own countries form a multicultural, multilingual team that helps the company to establish the best relationships with the customers.

Business Reply


Business Reply is the Reply Group company specialized in the creation of integrated systems based on Oracle application solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Business Reply is the reference point for ERP and Corporate Governance services. With a strong focus on Digital Transformation, as a result of investments in innovation and research & development, together with a process of continuous resource training and specialization, Business Reply was the first Italian Oracle partner to implement projects on the Oracle ERP Cloud, OTM Cloud and Service Cloud platforms. Business Reply guarantees an extensive knowledge and understanding of business processes, together with a strong technical aptitude in all enterprise Oracle application solutions (ERP, CX, Transportation and Supply Chain, PLM, HCM, Business Intelligence), gained through extensive experience in a wide range of industrial settings.