Raw foods and vegan nutrition meet Shopware 6


Keimling, a well-known brand for natural foods and kitchen appliances, needed a new online shop system due to its rapidly changing product range as well as for special campaigns. The idea behind this was to provide a modern and appealing shopping experience for B2C customers, providing information and recipes about vegan and raw food products in addition to high-quality products and equipment.

The customer's requirements were:

  • the development of a modern and appealing shopping experience for B2C customers, which provides information and recipes about vegan and raw food products in addition to high-quality products and equipment;
  • a simultaneous relaunch in all three German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland and Austria); and
  • a seamless integration into, among other things, existing ERP systems, which was a mandatory requirement.


The food and nutrition industry is growing – above all in the online sector.

And as customer interest in food delivery services grows, so does the competition.

Brands therefore need to present themselves online with a seamless digital customer experience.

Migration to Shopware 6

Portaltech Reply successfully replaced the shop system Magento 1 with the Shopware 6, which is the latest version.

The modern architecture of Shopware 6 offers more extensive reach and better accessibility with an SEO-optimised display. Components can be exchanged or extended easily in Shopware 6, which allows continuous optimisation of the checkout process.

The Reply team migrated the master data to the latest Shopware 6 version for Germany, Switzerland and Austria at the same time. For this purpose, an interface was first created for the integration of the ERP system. With this interface the Reply team also developed some special solutions that were necessary for the old shop system.

As a result of this, Keimling received a new shop system with all relevant data, such as product texts and images as well as customer data, from the ERP and the previous Magento shop system. This ensured a seamless system change for both Keimling and the shop visitors.

Agile project management

In close cooperation with Keimling's employees, a completely new solution was developed which, based on the experience with the old shop, is now geared towards the needs of its customers.

Some particular challenges during the project were, for example, changes in specifications at short notice, which required quick reactions in data migration and mapping as well as in interface design.

These were dealt with using focused project management, detailed documentation and many agreements with corresponding technical descriptions of the individual customer requirements.


Now that the relaunch has been completed, visitors and customers can explore Keimling's product range via a fast, low-barrier interface with a clear design and fully responsive display.

Sales from Portaltech Reply's seamless UX/UI design have increased as requested by the customer.

Die Erfolge

  • Bounce rate improved, with a reduction from 62% to 39%
  • Conversion rate improved by 40%
  • Conversion rate for mobile devices has improved by 76%
  • Ø order value improved by 17%
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    Keimling Naturkost

    Keimling Naturkost once started as a one-man-show and is now the leading distributor in Europe for the vegan-raw-food lifestyle. Currently, around 60 employees at the company headquarters in Buxtehude near Hamburg take care of products, recipe ideas and customer satisfaction. Every day, they are fascinated by how much fun it is to stand up with all their heart for a natural, conscious diet.


    Portaltech Reply is the Reply Group company that specializes in consulting, concepting and implementing projects in the field of digital commerce. Since 2000, Portaltech Reply has realized Europe-wide projects for well-known customers with SAP Commerce, Shopware and Headless solutions. In addition, Portaltech Reply focuses on ongoing data and test-driven optimization of user experience and business performance of digital commerce solutions and portals. Technologies and methods from UX, Experimentation and Personalization are set in place in cooperation with providers such as Optimizely, Dynamic Yield and Contentful.