Cloud Experiences with SAP

Approaching the complex topic of Intelligent Enterprise combined with the best possible Customer Experience in an orchestrated way constantly presents companies with new challenges. A comprehensive understanding is indispensable, which, in addition to precise knowledge of consumer and user needs, also includes an outstanding creative and technical implementation at all touchpoints.


In these knowledge sharing sessions Reply presents SAP’s cloud solutions for current requirements. Attendees learn how to make business, data, contact and communication with customers more efficient using AI and cloud solutions from SAP. Reply experts with years of project experience give valuable insights into the state-of-the-art SAP technologies and innovative solutions..


29.01.2021 / Webinar


Digital Promotions in the FMCG Industry

In the consumer goods industry, advertising is constantly changing and reinventing itself as new technologies emerge. In this 4brands Reply session, you get an understanding of the SAP Marketing Cloud as an optimal solution for individual and efficient advertising campaigns and experience.

Digital Promotions in the FMCG Industry 0

12.02.2021 / Webinar


Leveraging the Power of Inventory Optimization

With SAP IBP Inventory Optimization, you get the ability to combine planning and monitoring of inventory and keep an overview of the supply chain. 4brands Reply shows how to benefit from innovative approaches of inventory optimization and how to implement these with SAP IBP's Inventory Optimization solution.


04.12.2020 / Webinar


Your Company´s next top Model: Best fit Forecasting

Excellent demand forecasts are the basis for successful business decisions and help to better manage the supply chain. Within SAP IBP for Demand, the demand planning process has been completely rethought. In this session 4brands Reply shows how to benefit from the Demand Planning Solution with SAP IBP.

03.12.2020 / Webinar


Digital Selling Solutions for Utilities: SAP Sales Cloud

Every customer is important. If processes run quickly and efficiently and individual customer reactions are still possible, valuable business potential results. In this webinar, Power Reply shows how this is possible with the SAP Sales Cloud.

26.11.2020 / Webinar


Customer Service on all Channels: SAP Service Cloud

Use products from the cross-selling network or bring your own products and services into the cross- and up-selling process: Power Reply's experts show how customer service can be made digital, automated and intelligent - all in one application.

20.11.2020 / Webinar


Demand Sensing: Kick-Start your Supply Chain Digital Transformation

The digitalization of supply chains is one of the key issues for managers. Demand Sensing is the ideal starting point to address the digital supply chain transformation. In this presentation, the experts from 4brands Reply explain how manufacturers can integrate promotional offers in the stationary retail sector into their sales planning early and efficiently and optimize your inventories according.

17.11.2020 / Webinar


Addressing customers specifically and efficiently with SAP Marketing Cloud

The correct opt-ins and an accurate analysis of a campaign are essential. Defining the right customer target group easily and keeping customer data reliably up-to-date is a long-term win. In this webinar, experts from Power Reply provide insights on how this can work with the SAP Marketing Cloud.

06.11.2020 / Webinar


Sales & Operations Planning: The next level with SAP IBP

Sales & Operations Planning is a core process for aligning plans across the enterprise and responding effectively to market demands. 4brands Reply offers an integrated platform with SAP IBP for your sales and operations planning processes.

09.10.2020 / Webinar


The key to the future ecosystem of companies

The integration of data from external business processes is the next step towards the future business ecosystem, which sustainably improves the competitiveness of a company. 4brands Reply presents possible scenarios and shows use cases based on the SAP Cloud Platform.

30.09.2020 / Webinar


Reaching the next level in Sales Forecasting: What's new in SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud solutions are designed to empower your teams to sell anytime, anywhere, and to get the right insights at the right time. Datahug, a leader in intelligent forecasting and pipeline management, is now part of the SAP Sales Cloud solution portfolio to support you in your Sales Forecasting process.

25.09.2020 / Webinar


Simplify Integration: SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Data and hybrid integration scenarios between on-premises and cloud can also be simple: In this webinar, 4brands Reply demonstrates on a use case which connectivity options are feasible with SAP CPIS.

24.09.2020 / Webinar


SAP Service Cloud: New Features and Business Benefits

Syskoplan Reply takes a deep dive into the main characteristics of the new release of SAP Service Cloud, analyzing the new features from a business point of view and highlighting direct business benefits.

11.09.2020 / Webinar


Smart Data for Field Services

Potential in the sales area: Use a web crawler that extracts freely available information about existing and potential customers from the Internet and integrates the customer data. In this session 4brands Reply demonstrates the added value of external web data in the sales process.

24.07.2020 / Webinar


Efficient promotions - Success through intelligent promotion controlling

Many point-of-sale promotions do not achieve a positive contribution margin. Promotion controlling is the prerequisite for the sustainable improvement of marketing concepts and the development of a promotion strategy. 4brands Reply informs about how companies with Smart Price Integration gain valuable insights at sales prices.