24.01.2022 / INFORMATION AGE

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How quantum computing is helping businesses to meet objectives

Johannes Oberreuter, Quantum Computing practice lead and data scientist at Reply, spoke to Information Age about how quantum computing is helping businesses to meet objectives.


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Reply completes acquisitions of Enowa LLC and The Spur Group

The investments in Enowa LLC and in The Spur Group, which together employ over 400 people, are part of Reply’s international growth strategy, particularly in the United States, where Reply is already present in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Seattle, and St. Louis.


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Jason Aird, Partner, Airwalk Reply writes about the key trends in Financial Services companies should consider, including modern ways of working as a vital business strategy. Read the full article at Finance Derivative.

04.01.2022 / Information Age

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How organisations can drive value from AI on the edge

Mike Ellerton, partner at Go Reply, spoke to Information Age about Reply's recent research conducted into edge AI, and how organisations can drive value from the technology.


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Businesses and education providers must work together to bridge the digital skills gap

Jason Hill talks IT skills training, and how technology companies can encourage tomorrow’s digital entrepreneurs.


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How financial services companies are gaining value from cloud adoption

Ben Walker, partner and founder at Airwalk Reply, and Matt Mould, partner at Storm Reply, spoke to Information Age about how financial service organisations are gaining value from cloud adoption.


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Cybersecurity threats challenging businesses in 2022

Dan Tremeer, Net Reply UK, responds to questions related to the cybersecurity challenges companies will be facing in 2022 in an article published at Global Banking and Finance.


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Technology Dispatch shares Reply's announcement of the recognition of the three Reply companies that have demonstrated deep expertise helping customers leverage AWS cloud technology to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.


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Financial Services – what to expect in 2022

In the post-pandemic world, we expect this to continue as consumer expectations and behaviours evolve, modern ways of working take a front seat and regulators re-focus attention away from the pandemic and back towards their core mission. Jason Aird, Partner at Airwalk Reply writes for Global Banking and Finance on what to expect in 2022.


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How are NFTs changing the fashion industry?

As NTFs become increasingly popular within the fashion sector, Retail Gazette and Blockchain Reply UK look at why so many luxury fashion retailers have been so eager to incorporate them and if this shift could have an effect on the wider retail sector.

05.10.2021 / Finance Derivate

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Why financial services companies are preparing to take the quantum leap

Financial services companies are no strangers to complex algorithms, but even today’s most sophisticated software can only analyse a fraction of available data. However, quantum computing is about to change all that. Quantum computers will far surpass the limitations of classic computers: performing complex tasks within minutes and completing actions that were once deemed impossible. So what does this mean for financial services?

29.09.2021 / Information Age

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How IoT is driving industrial innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been playing an increasingly prominent role in industrial contexts, helping manufacturers to speed up operations at scale and innovate. The research conducted by Reply explores the growth of IoT within the industrial market.

23.07.2021 / Information Age

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Looking Beyond Digital Marketing

Digital marketing saw a surge in 2020, as digital channels were utilised in place of closed physical stores, due to lockdowns worldwide, and the importance of online presence is set to continue post-pandemic. In this article, Threepipe Reply discusses how organisations can look beyond digital marketing.

15.06.2021 / FoodChain Magazine

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Better Prepared

The pandemic will have a lasting digital legacy on the food and beverage sector. FoodChain Megazine dive into Reply's Report, "How Covid-19 is changing the food and beverage industry".

24.05.2021 / Retail Merchandiser

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The Conversational Revolution

Dan Fitzpatrick, Reply Practice Lead for Voice Machine Interfaces, features in the May edition of Retail Merchandiser, the magazine which has been dedicated to reporting on the retail sector for nearly six decades. Dan takes a deep dive into the rise of voice interfaces, their increasing acceptance and the associated growing pains of establishing the appropriate applications for voice operation.

21.05.2021 / The Grocer

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Quantum computing might answer grocery’s biggest challenges

When fully realised, Quantum computers will have a huge speed advantage over conventional computers in solving certain problems. But, how can grocery companies take advantage? Sara Felloni, Quantum and Accelerated computing lead at Data Reply explains why quantum computers are expected to be particularly good at optimisation problems and how this is useful for retailers, in The Grocer.

31.03.2021 / Global Banking & Finance Review

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Building emotional and unique shopping experiences with digital commerce

For retailers to survive COVID-19 and come back stronger than ever before, it is clear that they must champion the online shopper and embrace digital commerce. Susanne Zander, Partner at Syskoplan Reply, explores the new race for retailers to establish a deeper relationship with customers and stand out from the competition, in Global Banking & Finance Review.

19.03.2021 / Edge Computing News

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A Future of Exponential Growth for Edge Computing and the Internet of Everything

Edge Computing News dive into Reply's latest Report, 'From Cloud to Edge', built with the help of its proprietary SONAR Trend platform. Discover why Edge is not a threat to Cloud and how the two can work in unison.

17.03.2021 / Tech Wire Asia

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Reply's 'From Cloud to Edge' Trend Report Forecasts EDGE Computing's rise

Within the next 5 years, the Edge Computing market will experience significant growth in all “Europe-5” and “Big-5” clusters’ countries. Learn more about this and other key findings from Reply's recent 'From Cloud to Edge' report, as Tech Wire Asia take a detailed look at our latest piece of proprietary research.

11.03.2021 / TechHQ

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The Future of Digitalization in the Food and Beverage Industry

On the back of Reply’s recent proprietary research, 'How COVID-19 is Changing the Food and Beverage Industry', TechHQ have highlighted some of the key trends identified and their potential impact on the digital future of the industry.

01.03.2021 / Information Age

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What does the future hold for cloud and edge computing?

What’s on the horizon for cloud and edge computing? Following the release of Reply’s “From Cloud to Edge” market research, Reply CTO Filippo Rizzante discusses the key findings and the pivotal role, rapid adoption and growth of these key technologies in this Information Age article.

25.02.2021 / IT Pro

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Driving value from the industrial internet of things (IIoT)

Florian Beil, Partner of Industrie Reply, spoke to Information Age about driving value from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and the challenges that this brings. Learn more about how this emerging area of technology is bringing value through speeding up scaling and deployment of manufacturing projects.

22.02.2021 / UK Finance

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Improving financial services regulators’ cost-benefit analyses

Find out how Avantage Reply worked with UK Finance to recommend improvements to financial services regulators’ cost-benefit analyses. Learn how the team's research, supplemented by discussions with the industry, led to the making of 7 key recommendations in the resulting policy paper.

11.02.2021 / eGaming Review Magazine

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Esports arena: A preview of technology’s future…let the games begin

There was a time when ‘gaming’ was seen as a fringe subculture… that time has now passed. Jason Hill, Executive Partner at Reply, discusses the impact of 5G and Cloud technology on the video gaming sector in this article in eGaming Review Magazine.