29.06.2022 / TechInformed

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How EasyJet is scaling to new highs with AI

Ian Chambers, the low-cost airline's digital director who also oversees the holiday segment, explains to TechInformed how the firm utilizes Sprint Reply's chatbots and personalisation to handle enquiries and drive bookings.

27.05.2022 / EU Automation

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EU Automation Magazine

Tim Shepheard-Walwyn, senior manager at Sprint Reply UK, has an interview with AUTOMATED about Sprint Reply UK: "Our mission is to help our customers interface with their business systems through optimisation and transformation of their business processes."

Read the full interview in the EU Automation Magazine.

03.05.2022 / Today UK News

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The best companies to work for in the UK named for 2022

Airwalk Reply UK becomes Great Place to Work  certified! Through the Certification process, valuable employee feedback is captured using the research-driven Trust Index© survey and details about the programmes and practices that make each workplace unique. 85% of the Airwalk Reply team completed the survey and the company scored a 92% positive.

11.04.2022 / Robotics & Innovation

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How machine vision technology is transforming operations and adding value across key industries

Tim Shepheard-Walwyn, senior manager at Sprint Reply UK, shares his thoughts on this topic of delivery robots in the April 2022 issue of Robotics & Innovation Magazine.

21.03.2022 / Logistics Voices

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The megatrends impacting supply chains in 2022 and beyond

Events over the past two years seem to have conspired to disrupt the global supply chain, which forced the slow-down or even shut-down of production and distribution means, while simultaneously creating soaring consumer demand for unanticipated items.
Read the full article to know the trends supply chain leaders should be looking out for.

16.03.2022 / Technology Dispatch

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REPLY Develops the Digital Repair Shop Service vjumi for SELECT AG Using an Innovative Cloud-Based IoT platform

Reply announced today that it has developed vjumi, an IoT solution that digitises the vehicle aftersales business and vehicle networking, for SELECT AG, leader in the automotive parts wholesale trade in Germany.

09.03.2022 / Business Reporter

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Artificial Intelligence Continues to Transform Industries

As IT increasingly adopts AI initiatives, business leaders are beginning to see the value in AI-enabled applications. However, today’s IT teams find it next to impossible to maintain, scale and govern production-grade AI pipelines. Reply has expanded strongly in the realm of AI and has started to build complementary skills and making them work together.

22.02.2022 / newsweek

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AI, Cloud and Big Data pave the way for Italian digital services giant

Italy’s economy rebounded by 3.8% year on year in the third quarter of 2021, driven by, among other things, a strong recovery in the services sector. Thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, digital media and the IoT, Reply is riding this wave.

18.02.2022 / Technology Dispatch

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The Megatrends Impacting Supply Chain in 2022 and Beyond

With the rapid pace of technological advancement and ever-shifting consumer habits, a revolution in the supply chain is unavoidable from the ground up. Retail Reply, experts in digital transformation and customer experience, have identified the top forces that will shape supply chains this year and beyond.

10.02.2022 / AI Business

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Quantum Computing with Reply

AI Business interviews Reply experts on Quantum Computing. In the interview we outline the potential of quantum computing, business opportunities available today and the crossover between quantum and artificial intelligence.

10.02.2022 / WeAreTechWomen

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The value of apprenticeships in creating more diversity and inclusion within the workplace

Hannah Boltwood, Client Manager at Reply, talks about the benefits of apprenticeships and how they can create more diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Read the full article at WeAreTechWomen.

08.02.2022 / Student Circuit

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Countdown to the Reply Code Challenge 2022

Reply’s online competition dedicated to solving logic and algorithm problems, which saw the participation of more than 20,000 coders from 95 countries in 2021, has reached its fifth edition and this year, once again, raises the bar.

03.02.2022 / UK TECH NEWS

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How to make a customer journey map work for every business

Steve Walden, CX Senior Consultant at Retail Reply, presents a few highlights from their "8 Stages of Effective Customer Journey Mapping" methodology, which ensures customers are left with a positive experience when accessing digital services.

26.01.2022 / TechNative

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5 Key Risk Trends and Implications for Financial Institutions

Brain Momoh, manager at Avantage Reply, writes about some of the key emerging risks facing financial institutions. Read the full article at TechNative.

24.01.2022 / INFORMATION AGE

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How quantum computing is helping businesses to meet objectives

Johannes Oberreuter, Quantum Computing practice lead and data scientist at Reply, spoke to Information Age about how quantum computing is helping businesses to meet objectives.


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Reply completes acquisitions of Enowa LLC and The Spur Group

The investments in Enowa LLC and in The Spur Group, which together employ over 400 people, are part of Reply’s international growth strategy, particularly in the United States, where Reply is already present in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Seattle, and St. Louis.


Press Article


Jason Aird, Partner, Airwalk Reply writes about the key trends in Financial Services companies should consider, including modern ways of working as a vital business strategy. Read the full article at Finance Derivative.

04.01.2022 / Information Age

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How organisations can drive value from AI on the edge

Mike Ellerton, partner at Go Reply, spoke to Information Age about Reply's recent research conducted into edge AI, and how organisations can drive value from the technology.


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Businesses and education providers must work together to bridge the digital skills gap

Jason Hill talks IT skills training, and how technology companies can encourage tomorrow’s digital entrepreneurs.


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How financial services companies are gaining value from cloud adoption

Ben Walker, partner and founder at Airwalk Reply, and Matt Mould, partner at Storm Reply, spoke to Information Age about how financial service organisations are gaining value from cloud adoption.


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Cybersecurity threats challenging businesses in 2022

Dan Tremeer, Net Reply UK, responds to questions related to the cybersecurity challenges companies will be facing in 2022 in an article published at Global Banking and Finance.


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Technology Dispatch shares Reply's announcement of the recognition of the three Reply companies that have demonstrated deep expertise helping customers leverage AWS cloud technology to transform complex systems and accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy future.


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Financial Services – what to expect in 2022

In the post-pandemic world, we expect this to continue as consumer expectations and behaviours evolve, modern ways of working take a front seat and regulators re-focus attention away from the pandemic and back towards their core mission. Jason Aird, Partner at Airwalk Reply writes for Global Banking and Finance on what to expect in 2022.


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How are NFTs changing the fashion industry?

As NTFs become increasingly popular within the fashion sector, Retail Gazette and Blockchain Reply UK look at why so many luxury fashion retailers have been so eager to incorporate them and if this shift could have an effect on the wider retail sector.