Discover Insights for New Retail
and Learn from China

Retail Bootcamp

Megatrends such as New Retail, Virtual Commerce, Personalised Commerce, Human-centered Interfaces, Internet of Things or
Data-driven Enterprises have great potential for disruptive changes in retail. Because clearly: new technologies create new markets.

How can retailers adapt to these new technologies or shape them? Well, it has always helped to put oneself in the role of the customer.
Once again, it's important to be very consistent to visualize the Customer Experience in this new world, to talk to other experts and develop ideas together.

This is exactly what we want to make possible for you with our Retail X Insider Bootcamps!


The Retail X format starts with inspiring keynote speeches that provide an insight from market research and offer practical recommendations for action. In an exclusive round with a maximum of 15 guests in leading positions in marketing, CEM, sales and IT from trade and industry,
a one-day boot camp awaits you.

Between 9:30 and 12:00 h you will gain insights into the following topics:

Consumer perspectives that open your eyes.

Nobody has really dared to tell the story "Digital Transformation" yet. It's time for someone to do it. We have the guest speaker German Ramirez, pioneer in digital transformation, marketing, innovation and social media. Let him inspire you and at the same time sharpen your eye for what is possible and necessary.

If you simply skip development steps.

Learn what the Chinese really have ahead of us: They have understood the power of online and offline commerce, which is strengthened by data and social media - and they are using it to their advantage. In this keynote lecture, you will learn more about the interaction of the three key elements of the digital economy in China: retail, entertainment and the link that holds everything together, the data. Entertainment and retail are becoming more and more intertwined and interlinked in ever new ways. Benefit from the knowledge of the China experts of the Reply Group.

Insights into the latest retail trend radar and its consequences.

Discover what's next and get an overview of the relevant retail trends. The Reply Trend Sonar, which provides a quantified preview based on patent applications, scientific publications, trade and mass media, helps you learn more about V-Commerce, Data-driven Enterprises, Human-centered Interfaces and China Comerce.


Find important starting points for your future business: You can expect a co-creative process under the guidance of experienced experts from the Reply Group together with other professionals from the industry. In this special setting, you will be able to use the Customer Experience Mapping Method to find essential solutions for the future.

Between 12:00 and 17:00 h it will be interactive. You can expect two consecutive workshop sessions:


Grab the boot-up input from the morning's impulse presentations and discover the "One Reality Customer Experience" with its new, technology-driven touchpoints within small groups. Find friction points from day-to-day business, discuss them with other experts - and more importantly, find starting points for your challenges. We support you with the professional Customer Experience Mapping Method and work with physical personas. Let us surprise you!


Continue the "One Reality Customer Experience". Among other things, clarify what your customer encounters in which customer experience situation, outline his emotional draft and determine where there are deviations between his wishes and reality. Then start the ideation phase - and that, as before, together with the other boot campers. Discover essential insights about what New Retail really means and how you can use it to benefit your customers.