Reply at Gartner Symposium/ITXpo 2019


3 - 7 November, 2019 | International Convention Centre (CCIB), Barcelona


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Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2019 is Europe's Leading Conference for CIOs and Senior IT Executives to power digital transformation. This year’s Symposium will take place at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB).

Joining the event allows you to explore the strategic trends and technologies driving digital transformation and shaping the future of IT and business. Through a mix of Gartner experts, industry visionaries and cutting-edge solution providers, participants uncover innovative ways to approach your challenges, make decisions with confidence and become a forward-thinking leader.

Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Customer Experience, Machine Learning, Security are some of the tech trends covered by Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2019.

For further information, visit the Conference website at: Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2019.


Reply provides a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, technology and digital transformation.

How to Succeed with Connected Products – Lessons from Industry Leaders
Filippo Rizzante, CTO, Reply;
Vincent Ohana, Partner, Reply;
Jens Kocab, Head of Digitalisation, Linde Material Handling.

Emotional experiences in human-machine interaction
Daniel Fitzpatrick, Manager, Reply.


Reply works with the main global industrial groups in defining and developing new models to optimize and integrate business, digital communication and technology, leveraging on the paradigms of Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things. The Reply network also comprises agencies dealing with the topics User Experience, Digital Brand and Digital Communication.


Medical Image Recnognition: Deep Learning & Radiomics

In this area we present X-RAIS, an AI application disrupting Healthcare industry with automatic Medical Images analysis. X-RAIS is a valid support to radiologists in the reporting process by segmenting and highlighting relevant areas or lesions present in medical images by employing Neural Networks. Moreover, via advanced Radiomics techniques, each segmented area is then processed and described by morphological characteristics. Currently, X-RAIS is focused on mammograms analysis and provides doctors with breast density classification and lesions segmentation, suspicion level and characterization according to the ACR BIRADS international standard; the application is transparently inserted in the usual radiologists' reporting workflow by interacting with the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

Intelligent Shelf

Collecting information on the positioning of products on the shelves, any situations of out-of-stock, prices, information on competing products are activities carried out directly by sales during in-store verification. In the demo area Reply presents a mobile app that uses Image Recognition and Machine Learning technologies to automate the process of collecting information on the POS.


The evolution of supply chain execution

We created the LEA Picking Game to simulate a real-life warehousing scenario to demonstrate the importance of a seamless user interface and intuitive user experience. Through the LEA Picking Game, participants have the chance to challenge one another in a competition of speed and accuracy integrating LEA Reply’s WMS solution to test their picking skills in a simulated warehouse environment. See how the right technology makes the difference in logistics execution. Test your skills and see if you will become the LEA Picking Champion!

Industrial Security Center

For decades, security controls have relied on industrial infrastructures operating in physically isolated environments. With the onset of Industrie 4.0 and the increasing penetration of digitisation, previously sound security controls no longer provide adequate defense against newly emerging and even old attack vectors. We present a security framework including security controls and technologies that enable situational awareness and visibility within ICS infrastructures.


China Beats

China Beats is the market intelligence solution based on Social Listening that allows understanding the Chinese digital ecosystem, the most relevant brands and trends. What are the most important trends for your customers? How is your brand perceived in the competitive landscape? What are the Chinese competitors for your reference market? In this demo area you can find out it by using the China Beats dashboard and get useful insights to enter the Chinese market.


Smart Test Automation Monitoring

In this area attendees can test the potential of the Global Test Automation Center, to automate testing of products and services. Presenting a framework specifically developed in Test as a Service mode, we carry out diagnostic diagnoses on sites and apps using neural networks and artificial intelligence. In the recreated usage scenario it is thus possible to visualize the ways in which the framework tests, identifies and warns anomalies and, finally, presents the results through reports.

Smart City IoT Platform

Existing street lighting infrastructure is facing new technical and economic challenges. Key aspects are for example the focus on increasing safety or the creation of attractive streets and places in accordance to energy conservation. Reply gives an impression on how future, innovative light management systems can be controlled using standardised IoT protocols and which future services could be part of the Smart City World.