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30 January, Munich – 26 March, London – Milan coming soon

Companies today have to stand out from the crowd, become more attractive and get into the hearts and minds of their customers. Customer expectations are rising, technology is evolving, and it's all about delivering more value to the customer. This can only be successfully accomplished if it is combined with an increase in efficiency.

Reply has brought together experts from 15 of its international companies from Germany, Great Britain and Italy from the fields of marketing and commerce in a "Community of Practice". Here, ideas and solutions are jointly developed along the entire Customer Journey that combine Creativity and Efficiency and support customers in implementing their strategy. The driving question: How can Digital Sales be boosted in an increasingly digitalized world?

  • The Commerce X Bootcamp offers you inspiring impulse speeches, practical insights, recommendations for action and lots of interaction with a professional methodology.

  • In an exclusive round, limited to 15 guests in leading positions in marketing and
    e-commerce from trade and industry, a one-day Bootcamp with digital business experts awaits you.

30 January 2020

26 March 2020

Coming Soon


9:30 a.m. – 16:30 p.m.
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    Bootcamp Warm-up

    The day starts with Twin Interviews: We help you to get to know each other in a pleasant way. Afterwards you will have the chance to familiarize yourself with the Bootcamp format: Get a first insight into how you can combine Efficiency and Creativity to increase Digital Sales.

  • Bootcamp Impulses

    In impulse lectures you will learn three important things about which it is worth knowing more.

    • 1. When Creativity meets Efficiency: Learn from the Best in Class
    • 2. Innovate the Journey: Contextual Relevance and Instant Shopping
    • 3. Experimentation: Testing new ideas in a truly safe playground

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    Bootcamp Co-Experience

    Time for interactive sessions: We guide you through the Customer Journey Methodology and help you to develop relevant approaches for Creativity and Efficiency. In a co-experience session you will combine what you have learned and discover how you can increase your Digital Sales.

  • Bootcamp World Cafe

    Choose the areas that best suit your needs to dive deeper into the topic.

    • • Selling to Personae: How to sell to people and what a Single Customer View means • Shoppable Content: Closing the gap between attraction and purchase • Real-time Experience Management: How to be relevant to the customer • Data-driven concepts: How to use social data • Micro-segmentation versus Personalization: What works best and when • Experimentation: How to test new ideas with state-of-the-art solutions • Dashboards and Analytics

  • Learn...

    to combine Creativity and Efficiency.

    to overcome boundaries and break out of the familiar.

    to be outstanding at every point of your customer's journey.

    to improve your business.

  • Share...

    insights and thoughts with Reply experts.

    ideas with other participants from different industries.

    information as part of an international community and learn from other markets.

  • Have Fun

    Take part in our Get-Together the night before the event.

    Spend the Bootcamp in an inspiring location.

    Enjoy good food.

    Meet interesting people.

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