Telco Data Monetisation

Target Reply transforms Telco companies into Data Brokers, supporting them in the analysis and processing of collected data in order to extract business value.

From Data Storer to Data Broker

Telecommunications companies are repositories of an enormous amount of data, particularly following the proliferation of smartphones. The ability to track users’ location with accuracy and high frequency, combined with the opportunity to predict their behaviour, enables Telco companies to build highly detailed databases from which to extract value for their business and for third-party companies, changing their role from a simple Data Storer to a Data Broker.

Target Reply

Thanks to the company’s experience developed in end-to-end data management, Target Reply provides complete solutions based on state-of-the-art technology in the data brokerage realm. Combining data governance and data analysis, the two key elements in data management, Target Reply offers a solution capable of processing, structuring and analysing the data currently available to Telco companies, and further enriching it through Open Data. The data processed is aggregated into KPIs: these are then displayed either in the form of dashboards or as APIs, which are also made available to automated systems.

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    The architecture proposed by Target Reply is structured in such a way as to make it possible to manage, process and analyse the data owned by Telco companies. The ingestion of data from different sources takes place within a Big Data platform. The amount of data handled daily by the platform is approximately 100 GB, with an elapsed time of 15 minutes, which constitutes a relatively high refresh rate. Within the platform, the data is initially processed to be rendered anonymous, “cleaned” and aggregated according to shared rules.

  • Following this first phase, defined as “data quality”, data is taken from the Big Data platform and moved to a subsequent layer, consisting of a NoSQL database. Within this layer, the data is analysed using the most advanced technologies available in the Data Integration, Data Modelling, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Intelligence realms, in order to extract business value. These activities are carried out by providing customers with a complete and up-to-date skill set encompassing all Data Science technologies, both commercial and Open Source.


Target Reply analyses and meets the needs of customers from the architecture of the data infrastructure, to the structuring of analysis dashboards, providing customers with clear insights, applicable to their specific business in a tangible way.