Improve your Supply Chain Execution

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2017

20 - 21 September 2017 | London, UK

Aspire, Challenge and Transform in a Disruptive World

Disruptions, large and small, challenge today’s supply chains on a daily basis – organisational survival depends on the ability to anticipate, adapt, and transform supply chains to deliver reliability and performance.

Reply will take part in Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2017, the world’s most important gathering of supply chain leaders.

At this year’s conference, Chief Supply Chain Officers and their teams will learn how to recognise the impacts of disruptions, and to create transformational strategies that empower the organisation and achieve the latest best practices in supply chain management and logistics.

The event is focused on 3 major topics: Leadership & Innovation, Planning & Manufacturing and Customer Service & Logistics. During the event attendees will be able to discover key future innovations and strategy; the latest developments in S&OP management; the use of analytics in planning and product lifecycle management; and how a bimodal approach is effectively delivering global scale with local agility, resulting in continuous improvement.

For further information: Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference London 2017

Logistics 4.0 - The Reply Solutions

On September 21st from 3.05pm to 3.25pm Reply will give a speech entitled “Logistics 4.0 – the Reply Solutions” which will illustrate how consumers' expectations, combined with the product digitization, has redefined the supply of consumer goods. The Reply solution for Warehouse Management is designed as a response to the latest demands communicated by Retail, Manufacturing and Logistics organisations – and is designed to enable increasingly widely-distributed and globalised companies to work effectively with their partners.

Reply Booth

Reply will also have a presence hosting its own booth (S6) at the Garner event, located within the Sponsor area.

At its booth, Reply will be showcasing customer case studies alongside live demonstrations of its proprietary Logistics / Supply Chain and WMS suites Click Reply™ (on-site) and SideUp Reply™ (Cloud-based) – aimed at increasing efficiency in the supply chain, and providing instant real-time visibility of relevant data and related events, using extended collaboration between all players involved.