Employee Monthly Expenses

Solution that facilitates the automated creation of expense reports starting from the underlying cost items, quickly and without the need for manual intervention.

Employee Monthly Expenses


Employees on business trips collect receipts and at month-end enter the relevant cost items in the company management system, specifying the relevant data for each individual receipt (date, amount, type, etc.).

In the scenario postulated:

  • The employee takes a photo of the receipt using a smartphone and sends it to a dedicated company email address;
  • The system reads the mail with the attachments and recognises the relevant information from each receipt;
  • The solution interfaces with the management system to enter the expenditure item in the employee's expense report;
  • At the end of the month, the employee only needs to check and confirm the automatically completed expense report.

The solution

Accelerator for the automated creation of employee expense reports through the capture of receipts using smartphone cameras which are sent to a dedicated inbox in order to categorise the expenditures, to carry out reconciliation controls on the expense report submitted and to handle the fully automated approval phase.

Focus On

Filling in expense reports and collecting the relevant cost items is a manual process that is often tedious and error-prone on the part of employees.

Employee Monthly Expenses offers the ability to automate the manual steps associated with reading receipts and compiling the relevant reports, with the aim of reducing human errors and the resulting repetitive internal processes between administration and employees, thereby streamlining and speeding up the end-to-end process.

The current scenario - Critical aspects

Currently the expense report management system directly involves both the employee, during the data insertion phase, as well as administrative staff who must manually check and verify the accuracy of data entered by employees from receipts.

For each cost item, the back office staff must duplicate the same operations carried out by the employees.

In the event of discrepancies, the expense report is rejected, the employee must correct the error and resubmit the report for further verification, and so on.

The use cases developed

Reply has developed a working prototype that helps streamline and speed up the management of expense reports.

Using a smarphone the user can:

  • Take a photo of an expense receipt;
  • Send an email containing various receipts to a dedicated email address, specifying in the subject the reference month of the expense report.

The Employee Monthly Expenses solution receives the emails and processes them automatically:

  • The system reads and captures the information present in the various receipts;
  • The solution interfaces with the management system to register the cost items identified;
  • A reply email is sent to the user with the information extracted.

The solution architecture

The Employee Monthly Expenses technological solution consists of a batch application that receives emails sent by users and processes them offline, as well as responding to the latter by email.

The integration with the management system is based on a protocol for exchanging information based on CSV files: The Employee Monthly Expenses solution outputs a file that is imported into the management system. Optionally, it is possible to directly interface with the company system using REST/ SOAP services.

The application has been developed in the Python language, using OpenCV and Tesseract OCR open source libraries for image manipulation and text recognition.

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