Employee Monthly Expenses

Expense report automation

Employee Monthly Expenses


Employee Monthly Expenses enables the automatic generation of expense reports in the management system, starting from the acquisition and processing of photos of receipts sent by employees. The tool also carries out adequacy checks on the expense reports entered and manages the approval phase in a completely automated manner.


The expense report management system directly involves both the employee, during the data insertion phase, and administrative staff, who must manually check receipts and verify the accuracy of data entered by employees. Typically, this process is characterised by a number of key issues:
  • it is time-consuming,
  • it is subject to errors,
  • it is repetitive, as employees and back office staff must perform exactly the same operations for each expense item.


Employee Monthly Expenses consists of a batch application that receives e-mails sent by users containing photos of their expense receipts. Processing is carried out in off-line mode and includes: reading and capturing the information specified in the various receipts, interfacing with the management system to register the cost items identified and sending an e-mail reply to the user with the information extracted. At the end of the month, the employee only needs to check and confirm the automatically completed expense report.


Employee Monthly Expenses offers the ability to automate the manual steps associated with reading receipts and compiling the relevant reports, with the aim of reducing human errors and the resulting repetitive internal processes between administration and employees, thereby streamlining and speeding up the end-to-end process. Tested on a sample of 580 receipts, the Accelerator facilitated the automatic recognition of 86.3% of printed receipts and 14.6% of those written manually, with an average processing time per receipt of 1.7 seconds.

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