Agile Incubator

Be more agile - be more innovative!

Innovate more & faster

To shorten their time-to-market, companies need to be faster. In order to compete, they also have to become more innovative.
Agile methods hold the key to success in both cases. The challenge is to choose the right solution for your company from the confusing selection of offers. It is then necessary to translate the agile approach into one's own actions, and at the same time to make cultural change to „more agile“ as well.


    Start-up agility combined with reliability of experienced developers.


    Develop business ideas quickly and test its relevance in the market.


    More agile (developer) teams.


    Set up your own agile work environment with cloud-based tools.

The Agile Incubator of Comsysto

This is exactly where Comsysto Reply´s "Agile Incubator" comes in.
Experienced agile professionals help you create new products and solutions for your company´s customers. In doing so, they learn and consolidate agile procedures through concrete actions and learn about system landscapes and tools they need for practice. In addition to genuine products, the achieved cultural change is the real result.

Business Model

How it works

Together with Comsysto Reply, companies develop their own product and at the same time they learn and train to put agile into action.
The Agile Incubator brings the (developer) team of the customer with the experienced Comsysto Reply experts in agility, agile management and agile product development together. Jointly they create a cloud-based work environment, which the customer can later use in their own company. Depending on requirements, the business idea, business model, product and / or service are developed and validated. In doing so, teams learn by doing agile and can apply this know-how to their own company.
In the shortest possible time, value is created for companies and their customers: a marketable product and a transformation of corporate culture towards greater/more agility.

Comsysto Reply has pioneered and leads the lean and agile delivery of tailor made solutions, designed to meet the challenges of digital transformation in enterprises. With a clear focus on agile organization, flexible open source frameworks and cloud services, Comsysto Reply accelerates innovation, mitigates risk and provides sustainable business value. Comsysto Reply´s cross-functional product teams collaborate with customers, partners and sister companies within the Reply Network, by sharing and applying their expertise in Lean & Agile methods, Big Data, User Experience Research, DevOps and Continuous Delivery.