Oracle Communication


The program of divesting legacy networks leads to the new paradigm of Network Function Virtualization and in particular towards the innovation of the vSTP network devices of Oracle Communication.


The transformation that our telco Italian customer is making on its network is epochal, since most of the systems currently installed in his signaling network, must be disposed of or replaced. The biggest difficulty lies in guaranteeing their customers the continuity of the service. This transformation must also be accompanied by the creation of new services and applications able to converge towards mobile and IMS technology, and managed by virtual systems in cloud.


Net Reply is supporting the customer in the network transformation context, and more specifically in the Intelligent Network signalling domain, where they are decommissioning the STP  legacy nodesand migrating the 2Mb connections on the Oracle Eagle STPsthat support the SIGTRAN protocol, for accessing the IP Network. Following this evolution, we are proposing the new Oracle Communication OC-VSTP, which will be integrated into the iNFV environment and which will, when fully operational, manage all the Intelligent Network signalling traffic.

OC-VSTP is Strategic for reducing OPEX(savings ≥ 300K € per year), increasing network efficiency and enriching services managed by virtual systems in cloud, also in the IMS domain.

OC-VSTP creates a secure signaling architecture that reduces the complexity of the core network and enables elastic growth, interoperability and rapid introduction of new services. It also enables the possibility to support Diameter protocol used in LTE and 3G networks.

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    Net Reply

    Net Reply is the Reply group company specialized in Network enterprise and Technology business development, focused on Telco and Large Enterprise operators, able to provide highly specialized services on network technologies, on the integration of systems and networks (Operation Support System and networks new generation) and on the technological innovation of the telecommunications networks. Through the continuous paths of certification, training, experimentation and participation in business development initiatives with Oracle Communication, Net Reply pursues a process of constant innovation to guarantee its customers a qualified support. Thanks to the skills acquired, Net Reply supports its customers in the implementation phases of network system integration projects, both in the process of transforming the network, and in the integration of innovative networks based on Oracle Communication technology into its ecosystem.