18.12.2017 /

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Basel delay does not ensure global FRTB consistency

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision bowed to the inevitable on December 7, announcing a three-year postponement to the implementation of the FRTB, which had been due for January 2019. Lawmakers in the European Union had been thinking about delaying beyond that date, and the US transposition process has not even started. (Samuel Wilkes, Risk.Net)

15.11.2017 / Agefi Luxembourg

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Implementing GDPR: Challenges and Recommendations

Rapidly developing technological advances combined with new and innovative commercial uses of personal data and diverse differences in data protection standards across the European Union have served as the catalyst behind the shift from the Data Protection Directive (95/46/EC) to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679 or ‘GDPR’). GDPR is designed to give citizens more control over their personal data.

19.06.2017 /

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Quant Guide 2017: Imperial College Business School

In this article, Risk.Net gives an overview of the current trends in the finance and risk university programmes and how practitioners such as Avantage Reply actively collaborate to students' development.

26.01.2017 /

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EC gold-plating of FRTB raises risk of global divergence

​In the article, Ram Ananth, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply was interviewed on the interpretation of European rules for hard-to-model risks under new trading book capital rules ​​​

21.10.2016 / Intelligent Risk

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National differences in risk culture

There are differences between countries in the riskiness of life. Cultures also differ in their perceptions of and preferences for risk. ​
​Scott Warner, Senior Manager at Avantage R​eply discuss the topic in the Intelligent Risk Magazine.

26.09.2016 /

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Banks plan risk factor exclusion to avoid FRTB surcharge

Banks are considering excluding risk factors deemed immaterial from their risk models as a way to avoid a capital charge add-on for hard-to-model risks under the new trading book capital rules, but the strategy could be derailed by the will of regulators or by failing the internal models test.​​​

18.05.2016 / Global Risk Regulator

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Basel heaps more pressure on derivatives

"​The title of one of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision’s (BCBS) consultative documents pretty much sums up its attitude towards internal models as the cost of capital for using derivatives and certain asset classes continues to ratchet-up". Sergio Gianni and Dean Mitchell, Partners with Avantage Reply, answer the questions from the Global Risk Regulator​.​

23.02.2016 / Global Risk Regulator

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Banks still question new trading book rules

Although the Basel Committee has sought to pare back the capital impact of the fundamental ​review of the trading book,specific asset classes could suffer. Avantage Reply was interviewed by the Global Risk Regulator. ​

17.12.2015 / Riskminds

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Risk Review - an insight into the industry

Risk information technology has become a key cog in 21st century banking, regardless of geographic location or institutional size. The pressures on banks' risk it teams are tremendous as they deal with fastchanging regulatory and business demands. It is critical that financial instituitions have the necessary risk infrastucture in place to accommodate their business strategy.​​​

10.07.2015 / Agefi Luxembourg

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Can we trust a Cloud provider with our most critical corporate assets?

Without a doubt, the Cloud is expanding at the speed of light. This morning I googled for “Cloud Security” and received 57 Million hits, a few hours later and it was already over 69 Million hits. Together with this incredible expansion, threats and cyber security risks are growing at the same speed. Moving your corporate applications and data onto the Cloud is a bit like leaving your child at kindergarten for the first time. It is scary to hand over corporate strategic information into someone else’s control. Leadership teams, executives, security officers, information risk officers and the vast majority of stakeholders have the same question: Is the Cloud secure? Can we trust a Cloud provider with our most critical corporate assets? The short answer, to quote Obama is: “Yes, we can”. However, the true answer is somewhat more nuanced.

12.06.2015 / Agefi Luxembourg

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Digital revolution in private banking and wealth management

What are the last month developments in the private banking and wealth management sector? What is the impact of the new regulations over your activity? Roberto Tognoni and Frederic Gielen, Partners, answer the Agefi Luxembourg's questions.

05.05.2015 / Euromoney

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Regulation: Banks brace for Basel interest-rate risk push

Fears of Pillar 1 capital charge; Rules may hit earnings and concentrate risk. Bernard Colla, Senior Manager at Avantage Reply, shared his point of view with Euromoney.

12.02.2015 / Agefi Luxembourg

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"2015 sera une année digitale"

In all likelihood 2015 will be a digital year, with an renewed intensity of contents and means. The Internet of things will seek in itself in the financial world. However, some initiatives will enable new uses, in particular, probably, beacons. A focus will be also strong on Cyber-security questions, with an increase in cybercrime.

12.02.2015 / Global Risk Regulator

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Basel must tread carefully on risk-weight floors

Bank regulators must perform a delicate balancing act if standardised approaches are to work as a backstop to internal capital models.

02.02.2015 / ALRIM Newsletter

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Rethinking Information Security Leadership

The increasing adoption of the latest innovations and disruptive technologies motivated by customer demands coupled with the desire for mobility and the use of cloud-based services are presenting companies with new information security challenges. Cyber security threats are on the rise because of these demands and this in turn increases the overall risk exposure for business

09.01.2015 / The Guardian

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The internet of things is as important as the world wide web

​As Samsung vows to invest in the technology, Emanuele Angelidis says interconnected machines will change the way the world works by creating self-aware systems of their own.

12.12.2014 / Agefi Luxembourg

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Ecosystem of Financial Services: innovative view for tomorrow's business 

Reply is based in Luxembourg since 2008. Its approach is characterized by the exercise of powers related to the financial regulation, the new technologies and the cyber-security. Interview of Frederic Gielen, CEO.

20.10.2014 / Digital Marketing Magazine

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What’s The Point of Apps?

Gone is mobile 101; now brands and retailers alike need to use the insight available to them from the analysis of their digital platforms in order to drive their multichannel engagement strategy and keep customers coming back for more.

11.08.2014 / Marketing Magazine

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Adoption of 'creatology' quickly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury

To stand out in the crowed in today's market success is now dependent on 'creatology', writes Open Reply partners Julian Douch and Paulo Bernini.

18.06.2014 / The Future of Commerce

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Commerce without boundaries: The new role of point of sale

Electronic point of sale revolutionised the way retailers tracked sales and created business efficiencies. By connecting the POS device to the back-office mainframe, retailers were able to perform business operations more effectively and keep more accurate records of sales and stock, as well as provide a secure environment for cash transactions. Today, we find ourselves in a very different, transitional retail landscape on the journey towards “boundary-less commerce.” As consumers increasingly turn to alternative commerce platforms such as online, mobile and telesales, many traditional stores are being left behind.

15.05.2014 / Wallstreet Online

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Reply SpA: Board of Directors approves the Quarterly Report as at 31 March 2014

The Board of Directors of Reply S.p.A. approved the company’s results as at 31 March 2014. Since the beginning of the year, the Group achieved consolidated sales of 153.6 million Euros, an increase of 14.2% when compared to the same period in 2013. In the three months period all the economic indicators are positive.

14.04.2014 /

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Over-the-air update 'key' to Tesco's Hudl tablet launching on time

Open Reply supported Tesco as a key development partner in the creation of Hudl, Tesco’s new 7 inch HD tablet.

10.04.2014 / Businesscomputingworld

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Agility Is Capability Architecture

Daren Ward, partner of Glue Reply, analyses how IT can provide solutions based on business needs, where there is often a gap between the expectations of the company and what it actually gets . This approach, called architecture capabilities, is to identify where business and technology systems can be used to achieve the result.

25.02.2014 /

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RSA announces Managed Security Partner programme

Communication Valley Reply has been appointed as the first Europe-based RSA Managed Security Program services provider by RSA.