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Data Maturity Assessment

How to quickstart with an intelligent data strategy.

A data strategy
for competitive business decisions

New business models and smart insights into customer needs: In times of disruptive competition and shortening product life cycles data is at the core of any competitive business strategy. However, with a mountain of information in different formats and various systems many companies struggle with the task of setting up data management on a solid foundation. The Data Maturity Assessment of Data Reply and Sprint Reply empowers clients to build an authoritative understanding of their own systems, processes and data. With this approach, based upon a strong, data-driven, foundational description of the status quo companies can confidently take decisions and chart a course towards a data maturity status that fits both, their needs and resources.

Technical proficiency in tune with business value

Mastering their own Data Intelligence ensures companies can quickly react to any situation and minimize the risk of making flawed strategic decisions. This makes business value the main driver for the technical solutions Sprint Reply and Data Reply create. Both aspects, technical proficiency as well as business value, are strongly reflected in the set of core questions of the Data Maturity Assessment, a unique approach for quickstarting with an intelligent data strategy. Questions such as "How do we apply data to create competitive advantage?" which evaluate the business outcome are given equal weight as technical aspects such as "How is data currently managed?"

This two-pronged approach ensures from the get-go that the output is technically state-of-the-art and at the same time produces real business value for the customer.

The Data Maturity Assessment

The Data Maturity Assessment helps companies get a comprehensive understanding of their corporate data and is thus able to predict future developments and interpret information correctly. It consists of seven dimensions looking at technology and business opportunities equally covering important domains like Data Protection and General Data Organisation. Each of the dimensions is defined alongside individual KPIs that are aggregated and form a complex model of the client's data landscape. When deciding on future investments this allows discussions of the big picture as well as flexible drill-downs into specific details when needed.

The whole process is made transparent from the very beginning by dividing it into four phases. Each phase is clearly tied to an outcome – depending on the phase this is a report, a transformation plan or even a technical solution.


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Data Reply, as part of the Reply Group, supports customers in becoming data-driven. Data Reply is active in various industries and business areas and works intensively with customers so that they can achieve meaningful results through the effective use of data. To this end, Data Reply focuses on the development of data analytics platforms, machine learning solutions and streaming applications - automated, efficient and scalable - without compromising on IT security.