Case Study

How to help Sky's employees shift to remote working

A new communication strategy to ensure a successful
transition to this new way of working.

Customer need

As a large and complex business, with a diverse and disparate workforce, Sky has experienced a shift towards more remote working as employees are encouraged to work more flexibly.

To support their increasingly remote workforce, Sky wanted to ensure their people had access to the best possible tools to enable them to operate as efficiently as possible – by undertaking a company-wide upgrade of the software available to Office 365.

Avvio Reply were asked to develop a communications strategy to ensure Sky achieved a successful transition to this new way of working.

Our solution

To prepare employees for the change, a suite of collateral was created including instructional videos, digital communications and tactical branding.

The campaign focused on the different platforms available within the suite, educating employees on their varying uses and the benefits of each.

This was accompanied by a simple but engaging interactive PDF providing employees with useful hints and tips for working remotely, and a step-by-step guide on how to access these new platforms when away from the office.

Office 365: the successful solution

The result was the successful adoption of Office 365 platforms across the business, with a workforce fully equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to work wherever and whenever they choose.

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