Google Cloud Summit Munich 2024

Reply is looking forward to seeing you at the Google Cloud Summit 2024 in Munich. Come and experience firsthand AI and Cloud technologies up close and explore insightful sessions.

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4 giugno 2024
10:00 - 19:00

Accelerate digital transformation with cloud innovation

At the Google Cloud Summit, you will get the chance to discover how AI and cloud technologies can transform your business. We at Reply are thrilled to take part in delivering keynote speeches and hosting booths. Thanks to numerous talks taking place on four stages, you can delve into a wide range of topics and focus individually on the areas that are most important to your industry – from AI-driven business optimization to cybersecurity.

Engage directly with Google Cloud leaders, industry experts, and over 1,000 cloud enthusiasts. Hear success stories firsthand, explore hands-on demos, and expand your network with valuable contacts that can help elevate your competitive edge.
Your future in the cloud begins now. Don’t miss the opportunity to co-create with Reply. With our expertise in cloud technology, we can revolutionize your organization digital strategy into new heights.

Reply Speakers Session

Fueling Merck’s Pharma Innovations with Vertex AI

Our experts will present how they supported Merck in boosting external innovation & portfolio expansion. Discover how Gen AI expedites Scientific Competitive Intelligence.